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Supia Emma!

Jul 27, 2010

    1. The website gives the impression that the new body is only for the new girl, Emma... :?

      Isn't she pretty ! :D

      She looks childish though. I can't wait to see more pictures !

      Link to Emma.
    2. They may be testing it out? Hard to tell. Emma's sculpt looks fantastic -- all of Supia's faces are, IMHO, positively brilliant -- but she's not to my taste personally, as she looks a bit young for me. Even if she's not for me, I'm sure there are a lot of people who will be swooning for her, and rightly so! She's unusual, though I can't really put my finger on why beyond the fact that she looks a little younger than even the sweeter-looking realistic sculpts. Usually, the youthful aspect breaks down some of the realism, but that hasn't happened with Emma, and I think that helps to make her wonderfully distinctive.
    3. I love her :D but if i was going to get a supia, i think i'd get rosy or roda first! i'm digging the new body (i liked her old one too) i hope they will have the option of getting the new body with the older heads!
    4. Awww! Emma is very cute, but I'm not a fan of the new body and Emma is not my cup of tea (a little too sweet for me). I'm sure she will be loved by many though! :)
    5. D'aww, Emma is pretty cute! But I reaalllly hope they still sell the old bodies, I've been wanting to get a Lana and mod it into a boy, but I don't quite like the newer body for what I have in mind. :/
    6. I'm not fond of her chest... its so squished looking, and it seems like her boobs are too close to her neck- too high up. And her torso seems too long. I really like the older Supia body, this one does remind me a lot of elfdoll, like Surreality said. And why is her finger pointing?
    7. I love the new Emma sculpt, but I wish they offered a smaller chest option. Those boobies just don't go with that face for me anyway.
    8. Emma's got a really cute face, but I'm glad I got the old body when I did. I really don't like the squished in look her shoulders and and chest have. =/ She'd make a very sweet shy little girl though!
    9. totally agree! a smaller chest would look more appropriate for the emma mold.
    10. I'm agreeing with the smaller chest as well. I bet Emma would be adorable on a Zaoll body. She's got such a cute face! She's like the baby of the SD Supia family. xD<3

      Looks like Supia is keeping the old bodies for Roda and Rosy, so no worries there. C: It will be interesting to see some owner pictures of Emma and the new body.
    11. Her face is really sweet.....but the body and those first
      two pictures completely creep me out. It looks really wrong
      even though she's only a doll. She looks 10-13. Not at all old
      enough for such a mature body. Her chest is too high and too
      squished . Terribly mismatched IMO. Would love to see her on
      an appropriate body!!
    12. If she was a good resin match for the new spiritdoll bodies, it'd be perfect. Sadly, I don't think the resins match at all.
    13. My problem is that I always love those type of eyes and mouth shape on dolls. But I would prefer a slightly older looking doll. It's a bit hard to find both, though.

      Emma is so tempting!
    14. I think I'm in agreement with most of you - her face is so sweet - but that body does not suit her at all! I've never had an interest in Supia dolls before, so I don't know about this, but: Does Supia usually release "just heads" a little while after a new doll is released? I would love to have her, but don't want to pay that much for a full doll when I don't want to keep the body! Does anyone know?
    15. she's got a sweet face, but the body is really not my taste, seems a little strange, especially the breast shape.
    16. [​IMG] [​IMG]

      she is nice face! really pretty girl~ i think old bodies is natural but newbodies is for the cloth.
      it 's not bad. i like her. supia work is always gooooooooooooooooood~ i always cheer her~

      you can see more pictures~ supia flickr~
    17. May be because of my freaky tastes I LOVE this doll! Love how this innocent face contrast with such mature sexy body ! *4* Gosh I need EMma to my home, Need he sits on my knees >3<
    18. Emma is such a cutie pie, and I love her new body, I hope Roda and Rosey can get it too, those pictures looks awesome on Flicker!
    19. Omg, that is so strange... Her face is amazing in every aspect. I just love the face. But the body...? Man, that freaked me out! I just find that inappropriate. Such a mature body combined with a child face. But also, isn't the new body sculpt a step back in regards of realism? Too bad about the body, cause I really liked the Emma face.
    20. I want to know if someone here has ordered Emma Fairy. I really want see member's pictures of her but I didn't find any.
      Is there a thread with comparisons between the new and the old body ? I wonder which body will feet Emma Fairy best.

      On the website page it's impossible to choose another color than normal beige but I don't think it's the color on the pictures. Does someone know which is the color of Emma Fairy on pictures ?