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Supia Hael, small bust double jointed body.

Sep 12, 2011

    1. I know there is a "Supia" thread but i cannot find one specifically for "Hael," I'm wondering if anyone has pictues of her body, old or new im still deciding, (I like new DJB small bust most,) and what companys clothes fit her? dollmore, nine9style? (New double jointed small bust body.)
      What does she come with? besides the optional Wig Eyes and faceup, does she come with pillows? String? Are her eyes already in her eye-sockets, or should i buy some eye putty for that? Whats a good company junkyspot doesnt have any at the moment, And what mm of string would be best for her? 5mm, 4mm, 3.5mm or 3mm?? Should i buy anything else besides clothes? (Firt time buying a doll,) Only one person could help in "Newbie land" and they gave a link to another supia thread not fully directed at Hael.

      Does supia have any event coming up like free shipping or something along those lines? That i should wait to buy her for?

      And does anyone have any pictures or videos of box opening i would really appriciate any links or pictures below, Thankyou very mutch!! :aheartbea:aheartbea
      (Possible doll nudity.)

      Oh and did anone have any troubles with Supia? Are they a good Reliable company? Thankyou!
    2. while I cant help you with Hael, I must say that I had thoroughly enjoyed my experience with buying from Supia. They catered to my request/needs very well ^^ My Muse did came with pillows, you can request to have pointy fingers or regular fingers as well.. there are options for high-heeled shoes and what not. My girl also did come with eye putty, although I like using knead able erasers as eyeputty as they arent as sticky.

      I don't know about freeshipping or what not, but supia has recently released white skin option for their doll. Definitely a company that I would return for more purchases in the future.
    3. Thankyou, sorry for another question, but do you know where there are pictures of the pointy hands and normal hands? And thankyou for you tip on Kneadable erasers! :aheartbea
    4. I would suggest going through the main Supia thread and having a look-- if you don't mind wading thru 19+ pages I'm sure you will find most of your answers there! And there are plenty of beautiful pictures there to enjoy too. I don't have a Hael myself (maybe someday!) but have Muse and Emma and I can vouch for Supia; they're a great company!
    5. Thankyou!! Ive tried a couple times and i could barely continue reading every comment, lol Thankyou ill go look now. :aheartbea:aheartbea
    6. Just wanted to let you know that Supia dolls arrive already strung.
      I'm new to the Supia dolls and just got my first ~ Rosy, with the new double-jointed body. (it's wonderful!) I have her dressed in an ensemble I purchased directly from Supia especially for their dolls. (so of course IT fits), and mine fits in both 9Nine-Style and some of the Dollheart outfits for SD13 ~ however, the longer dresses fit a little shorter and a little tighter thru the chest (my Rosy in small-busted).
      Leggings are GREAT since they have stretch, but fitted pants are a bit trickier. I had to put my Rosy in Volks Boy's jeans for a great fit. Someone posted that the new body fits into Lutz Boy jeans. (but I haven't tried them, myself)
      Hope that gives you a start. (btw, I really love Hael!)
    7. Juliarose: I understand that you have many things to take in to consideration before buying your first doll and I think these below information might help for your decision in making your first doll order at Supia.

      1. The price for each doll on Supia website is for the doll (already strung) with no face up and come with default hands and flat feet (for extra pointy hand and high heel feet you have to pay additianal 19$ for each)
      2. If you want make up you have to choose make up (normal or smoky) and pay extra 50-55$
      3. If you want eye and wig you have to choose the option eye and wig and pay extra 50$ (for wigs Supia always provide 8-9" wig (random))
      4. Please remind that there will be extra shipping fee which depends on the contry where you live.

      For eye and wig: Hael wears 16mm eyes and 8-9" wig fits her nicely since she is Supia's bigger head sculpt (for me I use Iplehouse and Luts 8-9" wig it fits greatly). Of course the eye clay, silicone or putty is the must-have thing you should prepare for your doll.

      For Clothing: I am not sure about the new double jointed body but for the original ball jointed body, for BJD new starter, I recommend Dollmore SD Size clothes, it is not expensive and fit well (However please beware the pants, jeans or trousers since Supia have a wider hips)

      For shoes: Shoes with inner lenght around 7.5cm fits flat feet very well (such as Luts SDF Girl's), but for high heel feet, Irecommend Iplehouse YID Girl shoes.

      The size different of Original Balljointed Body and New Double jointed body are as follows:

      Original ( ball joint)
      > Bust : 24cm
      > Waist : 16cm
      > Hip : 25.2cm
      > Feet : 6.7cm
      double joint(small bust only)
      > Bust : 23.5cm
      > Waist :17.5cm
      > Hip : 26cm
      > Feet : 6.7cm

      I do love the original ball jointed body of Supia and I am a big fan of this old body type. The weak point of the original balljointed body is the posing ability. It is hard to get them stand steadily but if you restring them with the 5mm elastic, it helps to pose better. For the double jointed new body, the posing aboility is better for sure.

      Here are spams of my Supia family (sorry for nudity) They are Rosy, Lina and Hael and all of them are original ball jointed body!! My Hael is Smoky face up from Supia


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    8. Oh gosh, peck30 Thankyou for taking your time to reply! very very helpfull!!!! Hael's so pretty. And thank you FrankieCat, I'll check out those sites now. =) :aheartbea:aheartbea
    9. What a beautiful family you have there, peck30! All such lovely girls. :)
    10. i know this is old but thx for the information. :D
    11. I know this is very old but can some one tell me how tall supia 1/3 girls are i checked many site some said 64cm some said 52cm i dont know what to believe
    12. The 1/3 girls are 61cm with the new double jointed body and 58cm for the original single jointed bodies.

      Edit: Some heads (like Muse) might be larger than others which might make them a little bit taller.
      #14 Misoup, Mar 16, 2016
      Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    13. Thank you very much Also does the Supia new double jointed body with the large bust fit in DD clothes?
    14. Sorry, I can't help with whether or not DD clothes will fit Supias, but you can always compare their measurements to see if it's close to each other. Preferably, the measurements around their shoulders, busts, waists, and hips shouldn't be too far apart so the clothes won't be too loose or too tight. If DD clothes don't work out, you can always use regular 1/3 clothes, make your own, or commission others to make it for you.
    15. Can someone tell me what the price of a double jointed body, with a large bust from supida would cost? I want to buy one second hand from someone, but I am afraid they might try to over charge me or scam me.
    16. On the official website the price for just the new double jointed body is $396 without shipping and in normal or white skin, but if you want tan, then it's an additional $60. Regardless of the bust size, the price is the same. You can find the price of the body when you log into their website and you can find the location of it by clicking 'Parts' on the side then click '[Bodyparts] for girls'.
    17. @Misoup Thanks I went and checked like you said. So is it still resonable to be charge the same price as it originally was? I am still new and I don't know if things "lose value"

      Are these normal skin or white skin? :D Your girls are beautiful!
      #19 ImperfectorCollector, Apr 20, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Apr 21, 2016
    18. No problem :)

      I personally think that it's an acceptable deal when I get a body for the same price as the original when under these conditions: it must be a recently cast body, no noticeable yellowing (if there are, then it must be even), no modifications preferably, no large scratches/dents done on the body, comes with coa if it's given by the company (I don't know if Supia does this, but it doesn't hurt to ask the company), comes with a box, and proof of purchase: receipt.

      If it's the same price, compare the shipping prices from the company and the seller to see if the price will be lower. If it's the same as the company or very close, ask yourself do you really want that body within a few days, are you able to wait a month or two for the company to make it for you.

      See if the seller is up for negotiations too. If you're not that happy with buying the doll for that price, perhaps lowering the price a little when it doesn't meet (mine) requirements listed above will help you decide.

      I'll also consider if there are any extras that I like included for the price of the body. Also, check the seller's feedback if available to see if (s)he is dependable and trustworthy.

      I've never bought a doll second hand, I don't even have a resin doll yet xD but I hope I helped.
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