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SUPIA - Lina and Lana - Elves & Humans

Nov 13, 2008

    1. Here is a discussion thread for the new Supia girls, which come with magnetic optional ears-- both elven and human!


      And here is inside the head, and the magnetic ears...


      Right now it's just a sneak peek, but hopefully in the next days we'll have more info for you about them.

      If you have questions, please let us know so we can ask Supia in Korea.

    2. Thanks Catrina for the all the info in the news thread! Can't wait to see the full pics with face ups as they do tend to make a dramatic difference, :) but it is interesting to see the nude also.
    3. Yep, I know it's frustrating not having all the pictures and info. But Supia was very excited and wanted to show you this "sneak peek." When things are ready to go, they will send me all the information and I'll have it translated for you. I called them on the phone last night, and got to try out my Korean! I learned a few phrases...

      The facepainting will be done by Kim Yu Jin herself, and she does an outstanding job. Her work is very fine and delicate. I am also anxious to see the final images..
    4. They look like they'll be 43cm-ish? Would that be correct?
    5. According to Supia, they are 60cm. Yu Jin tends to sculpt her heads more delicately, and they have a smaller head circumference than some BJD's.

      Her SD-sized girls are all 58cm, and I anticipate them to be the same height. I don't know at this time if they will be offered on the Rosy-Roda body. We'll have to wait and see....
    6. Yes, I just found the news thread! I was thinking I'd be safe, but that top head is just wonderful, I love the lips. Can't wait to see the sales photos!
    7. I made myself a promise not to but any dolls for two years--saving for something :), but I don't know--that upturned nose and those pouty lips on the first one are so adorable. And changeable ears!
    8. Wow they're beautiful!
    9. I like the second one best so far! I can't wait to see more. ^_^

    10. Aaargh. You know I can't resist the elves.
      For those of you who are on the fence, the Supia bodies are GORGEOUS.
    11. I'm sooo in love with the first girl... she really reminds me of Soom Topaz (who I fell for as well). Does anyone know, can you order just the heads from Supia, or do you have to order the whole doll?
    12. Sometimes they offer romantic or sleeping heads which you can buy if you've already purchased a full doll, but I don't believe you can purchase just the heads.
    13. That's exactly what I was thinking too, the first one looks so much like Topaz. So my Topaz might be getting a little sister out of her. They'd look so cute together. :aheartbea But I also like the second girl alot, I may have to get them both. Yep, I'm sucker for elves. :lol:
    14. I can't wait to see more!
    15. The second girl is beautiful, she reminds me a lot of Supia Rosy, but with different lips.

      I agree that Supia bodies are beautiful, and this is just from the promotional pictures on their website. I wonder if they're being sold on the 58 cm body as well?
    16. The first one is the one who has my heart...
      I asked if she would be available tanned and the answer was probably not, but that is OK, she'll be fine in white urethane, she will make the perfect elf sister for my Rosy, Valencia.
      The elves are going to take over around here.
      Also, the magnetic ears are genius. The problem with elf dolls is transporting them with their ears in. Problem solved.
    17. I love the second one !!! I guess there is no hope that a 43cm version will be made? I could sneek one in to my large doll clan!!

      I think she would be adorable on a less mature bust body or at least a smaller bust torso option could it be possible?
      Those ears are wonderful !
    18. A smaller bust option would be amazing, I can't wait to see these lovelies with face-ups!
    19. I love the faces! the features are a little more shaped, bigger lips, chin, cheeks, nose, and it makes them look so realistic to me!
      I also hoped for 43cm ranged girls.

      *Sigh* such lovely faces supia creates!!
    20. Im looking forward to seeing pictures with a face up. But so far Im very interested in her. What I like best are the lips and that it's NOT a face plate. I really like having more of a whole head with a skull cap better.

      So far, Im really liking the sculpt on the top pictures, but really want to see more pictures of both girls.