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Supia Magnetic Ears?

Apr 30, 2009

    1. Well, I've been searching for over an hour for vague info on the magnetic ears, but to no avail XD;;;

      When I saw the new Supia girls come out, my first thoughts regarding the ears where 'those are SO going to fall off'. But I haven't seen a single post so far mentioning it! Could be my anger with magnetic headcaps and wings, but it's a pet peeve. XD

      I'm trying to decide on my Supia girl, the ears really are the difference between a Roda and a Lina for me.


      Do the ears fall off a lot or easilly at all?
      Are the magnets strong enough to keep them on even, say, with a nudge of the finger?​
    2. They're pretty sturdy, in my experience, at least thus far. Even while trying on a number of wigs, I only managed to knock one of them off -- once -- after putting them on, so I've been pretty impressed by their staying power.
    3. Thank you, surreality ^__^!

      That's all I needed to know <3 I think I know what I'm going to do now <3