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Supia - Muse and Hael

Feb 18, 2011

    1. Wow, I totally love the two new girls, Muse and Hael! What are everyone's thoughts?

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I ended up buying Muse immediately, I adore her elf ears! I actually went for the new body, too, despite not really loving it, just because I'm really unhappy with my tan Rosy's really limited posing.
    2. I reeeally like Muse ... I want her! Congrats for ordering, Rottedgirl :D
    3. Hi guys - I really love these two new heads - can anyone tell me if you can use these sized Supia heads on a less mature body - such as a Dollstown 13 body? If not does anyone have a hybrid on a different body that is not so "busty"? Thanks
    4. OOOH new girls!!
      I didnt even know! they're so pretty :D
    5. I'm really loving Hael right now. It's too bad none of my characters will fit her. She looks like someone who needs a hug <3
    6. WOW new girls are so cute! I love Muse in short hair and Hael in long hair.
      I hope Supia will release white skin so that I can grab a head...:eusa_pray
    7. Hey I have never order from supia before. What is this ordering period? What are they for the new dolls Hael and Muse? Also, what is the layaway period? Thanks so much everyone. These girls are amazing.
    8. I love Muse, and once Im floating-heads-less I think Ill get her with layaway <3

      I always wanted an Supia BJD, but Rosy and Roda are too beuatifull for my taste, somehow I wont know what to do with them, Muse has more chara IMHO...

      Here is the layaway info:

      you can choice the payment option(ful payment or layaway)
      please check the option.

      Layaway is possible.
      We made 3 month period.
      thanks to all my supiafamily in the world.

      1.make order > 2.choose option(layaway) > 3.we'll give you an invoice(for first payment) by e-mial > 4.start paymnet

      and after,you can pay 1/2 for each 2 month on rest amount.

      Dolls' will be shiped to you when the layaway payment is complete.

      if the payment will not be completed even over 5 month passed(from first payment), we will deduct the service charge 20% from the order amount and refund the rest amount.
      (this would be protect customer and supia)
      Please understand this way and we ask you to please keep the supiadolls' layaway rule, for sure.

      we are very thanks for your love with supiadoll.
      thank you.

      for example,If you need to pay total $571.25
      the first will be $200.25 and $185.5+$185.5
      this is supiadolls layaway ^^
    9. Thank you Azraelita. I hope they explain what the difference is between the smoky and regular make up soon.
    10. I love the new girls! Elves are definitely my fav and will eventually join my crew as soon as I get rid of some of my current layaway. ^^
    11. Muse is amazing! I've always loved Lina & Lana's elf ears, but was never totally in love with the sculpts... But I love Muse! I'll definitely be getting one soon :D Adorable little elf!

      Both of the new girls are absolutely lovely. Great job Supia on all of your beautiful girls!
    12. OMG new girls ! I'm really in pain now ! I love them ! But I just purchased a doll and can't afford another one for now. :...(

      Can't wait to see owner pictures ! I don't know which is my favorite... oh well, I've got plenty of time to think about it... :|
    13. ohh dear thanks for letting us know, i like very very much Muse actually, i guess in the end it's juts personal taste, and i'm with Azraelita rosy and roda are very beautiful, but i guess that with custom face-up muse could be very very interesting....
    14. Muse is beautiful! She definitely reads fairy to me. I love Hael's nose! I picture them though on smaller bodies, since they're more childish looking to me. Rosy is still my favorite, but I'm waiting for WS to return!

      Would anyone happen to have a NS supia with a WS soom doll?
    15. if supia thinking about give a choice between NS and WS maybe will worth wait....
    16. Second this, really want white skin option too!!!
    17. Yes please supia - return the WS !!! than I'll be getting muse and lina for sure !!!
    18. The new girls are very pretty, I must say. But they're too young looking for my taste ;_; I liked how Rosy and Roda were mature... Muse and Hael have so round faces. But I love Muse's ears! Even thought I don't collect elf dolls I'd like them on my Roda. :)
    19. LotusMoon, I happen to have a NS Yan (made in March 2009) and two Soom CW dolls (a tiny and a SG). Would that help?

      Ontopic: Love the new girls. They are definitely not as mature as Rosy and Roda were, but somehow Muse is really speaking to me. I'm thinking of reshelling one of my characters in her.
      Anyone happen to have a new Supia body? I've seen the arm / leg posability, but can anyone tell me if the wrists actually move up and down?
    20. agree agree it would be great, i'm not sure if this juts a personal issue but i find much more easy to figure the colors palette face-up of a WS head then NS......:)