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Update Supia now offering double jointed body!

Oct 23, 2010

    1. I did a search both here and on the discussion thread and didn't see any info on this, but I was just browsing Supiadollz website and see they are now offerring a double jointed body for Rosy and Roda. The option is not listed for Lina and Lana and neither for the msd's, Yisol and Yan...

      The double jointed body is an additional $30.

      I can't see any photos of the body, but will write to them and ask if they can provide some.

      I've always hoped they would update the SD body with double joints! ;)

    2. **You can see some pics of the double body if you look under Emma's sale page on Supiadollz.
    3. ....oops! Thanks chrissa5girl! In all honesty I didn't notice Emma as I thought she was one of the baby type dolls they sell, not an SD :doh

      Apologies for not noticing properly...link to Supia discussion thread where Emma and the new body are already known about! :)

      (I guess this post might get deleted....)
    4. Is double jointed body for NS and WS only? I dont see the option in tanned rosy.
    5. No, You have only the firs body for tanned Rosy.