Supia Roda from 2007 insides rough?

Jul 16, 2016

    1. Hey, I just bought a Supia Roda in french resin on the marketplace made in 2007.
      She came to me unstrung, and when I was restrining her, I noticed that the insides of her legs and arms seemed... craggy and rough.

      Is this normal?
      Does anybody else have a Supia girl from about that time frame??

      I'm just really curious to know.

      Thanks! :kitty2
    2. My first Roda was a french resin girl from 2006 and they were pretty rough. The second version that I purchased as soon as the regular urethane was available (late 2007) had been cleaned up and the cuts in the thigh joints had been retooled for better posing.
      I posted a review of the french resin version with lots of photos of the interior, since it was a relatively unknown doll at the time.