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Supia Tan Rosy available for preorder- on sale Nov 1-Dec31st

Sep 16, 2010

    1. Tan Rosy is now available for preorder/purchase from Supia for a limited time-


      The following update from Supia-

      We are noticing to who have interested in tanned doll series that currently we have determined to discontinue to produce the Tanned model because of the complication in process of production.
      Therefore, we have produced only 50 models in 2010 and we closed the line of tanned model down.

      * Sales of the tanned model will begin on the 1st of Nov 2010 until the 31st of Dec 2010*
      (From now on, you could reserve them in advance)

      We are researching and developing diverse models and colors of skins so that we could introduce new products shortly.

      Thank you for your concern and love

      and enjoy the world of Supia

      Does that mean that once these 50 are sold out, that's it, no more tan Rosy?
    2. Do you have to pay in full immediately or is there a layaway option?
    3. In the past I have tried repeatedly to ask Supia if they do layaway, and they have never once responded. I heard somewhere that they might be working on it? Contact them via email or their Q&A board and see if you have any luck!