Supia Tanned Roda and Rosy

Oct 14, 2006

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      Discussion thread for Supia 58 cm Roda/Rosy/ Dreaming Roda information
      New ordering period starts August 4 and goes through August 12.
      There are 5 -58cm limited edition dolls, new urethane tanning colors, shoes and all kinds of clothing now.

      Roda means "the one whom I've been waiting for..." in Korean.

      There is a Dreaming Roda available, and previous owners of Roda are able to order an optional Dreaming head for their dolls. She cannot accommodate buyers who do not own the Roda body at this time due to mold limits. People who purchase a Roda open eyed doll are also eligible to order a Dreaming optional head also.

      Here is the new Dreaming Roda

      Here are two Dreaming Rodas:

      For more information please go to:

      The customer service [email protected]
      Supia Yahoo info group -
      Note: Supia's manager will be posting new photos of the dolls on this group!

      Here are the new photos of Roda








    2. She looks like a big version of Minisup Yisol!Geez!She's so beautiful!Too bad I cant have her :(
    3. Her name is Roda~ *_*
    4. Does anyone know what/when will the ordering process be?

      I've tried asking on the Dollfair site and never get a reply, so I don't know if their email interface is just not working right or if mine are for some reason being rejected and I'm not getting notified. Maybe someone here can tell me. I missed out on the ordering period for another doll from the same vendor for the same reason.

      Is there some trick to getting on the notification list?

      thanks, M
    5. You did not get a reply because we had no information until today. ^_^

      For Limhwa 57 ordering, you must email to get on the notification list at the email is [email protected]

      Dollfair only handles Narin doll info. Supia doll's site is
      We made different web sites for all the artists so they can have their own web identity.
      Each is a different artist making different art, so we felt it would be most respectful to them to do this.
    6. Are these dolls French Resin, or regular?
    7. Oh Catrina,
      She's gorgeous. Big congrads to you and Supia. Wow! She's amazing.
      Sandi a.k.a. the Truffle Lady
    8. Fantastic!! Yu Jin is truly, truly awesome :D
      I highly doubt I will be lucky for a fourth time?! :sweat
    9. She's exquisite! I will try my best to bring her home to join her sister, Kate.
    10. It would be my pleasure, Kitty. Kate is an outstanding beauty!

    11. How do you buy her? She is very pretty. I can't find anything on her except for this thread.
    12. I couldn't find anything on her either. Anyone know what type of resin she is?
    13. She is very beautiful :)
    14. Please watch the web site

      or our customer service forum:

      for more information.

      RODA will most likely be available in your choice of pinky white french resin, beauty white urethane, and "normal" beige urethane. Supia took orders in these three resins last order, so we think this will be happening for RODA.

      She has been working on this doll for many months, so I really wish she'd make a bigger edition for her 58 cm doll, but she also had an edition of only 20 for her last 60cm doll.
      Once I get the sales info, I will post the price and date/ time of sales starting.

    15. O_O No, why does she have to be limited?!
    16. oh my, i really2 like her.
      OT, her name roda means 'tyre' in malay^^||.
      anyone knows how much would she be going for roughly? *hopes*
    17. I was hoping I would like her even more than the Half-Elf because she's available in white resin. And she's perfect! But limited to 20? *despair*
    18. Oh wow she's BEAUTIFUL! That body, and those eyeees :fangirl: :fangirl:

      Ah why are the prettiest always so limited :doh
    19. Still no info? Dying a little.
    20. :doh Still waiting. She might be estimating how many of the 20 she will need for her domestic customers. I just wish she could sell 20 a month like Limhwa. I think these are so spectacular, and she spent at least 6 months making this new doll. It kills me thinking of how long she worked on this one piece, and I know they will be gone in seconds! :...(

      Interesting Supia factoid: She earned a fine arts degree in ceramics.