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SUPIADOLL Christmas Event

Nov 28, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      World wide free shipping event 2009.Dec.1 - Dec.31
      happy merry christmas every BJD fans~!!!!!

      >> www.supiadollz.net
    2. A question -- are all orders including heel feet disqualified from the offer? Or is it only for orders that are ONLY heel feet? I am thinking of getting a full doll and the heel feet also, and the offer makes it very tempting. :)
    3. I think it's safe to say, that the orders consisting only of heel feet are disqualified from the event, because it's not really profitable for them to ship one pair of feet for free (shipping would be more than the price of the feet itself). If you order a doll with extra feet, you should be just fine!
    4. Has the price of the doll gone up, or does the website price still include shipping? I had noted recently that a Yisol was $390, but it is now listed as $435 (including face-up).
    5. When I try and check out it makes me put in the shipping fee, does it come out later?
    6. I tried today and the shipping fee still comes up, how do you order without the shipping fee?
    7. I ordesrd mine last week and when I have paid I only paid the fee for the doll and not the one with the shipping one on. I e-mail Supia doll about this fact and she has told me that her web site can't take the shipping out
    8. Did these questions get answered? I would like to know if buying a doll with high heel feet still gets free shipping too. Also, are you supposed to check out with the price of the doll and the shipping and then only pay for the doll?
    9. Pretty sure the exclusion on high heel feet is when you purchase only that item, as it's the smallest and cheapest item in the whole site. At least, it wouldn't make much sense to punish doll purchasers who want high heel feet too :sweat

      As you can't checkout without including shipping, I presume you checkout and send payment for just the total of the goods only.
    10. This is a friendly reminder--the News Forum is to announce new dolls, doll related items and events and posting questions and information directly relating and/or clarifying the News topic are fine.

      However, the posts are straying from the original announcement of "SupiaDoll Christmas Event".

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    11. Just an update/clarification from Supia on the Christmas Event.