Supiadoll head on Resinsoul body

Dec 24, 2016

    1. Hi, i was thinking to buy a Supiadoll Hael head since it's christmas, but i would like to put her on a Resinsoul body, is it possible? She would fit? She will be stable or bobble-head like?
      Merry Christmas to everyone by the way! :3nodding::gingerbreadman:candycane:treecookie:goldstar:candycane:gingerbreadman
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    2. It looks like the supia Hael head has a neck opening size of 9cm. There are two resinsoul 1/3 female bodies and one of those actually has a neck circumference of 9cm as well, so it looks like it should fit. However, I don't know how well the resin colors match. You could always get both in white and try to blush them to match. Hope that helps! Happy Holidays!
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    3. Thank you! Merry christmas:gingerbreadman:candycane
    4. Hi,
      I have a Lina head, and the skin tone has a bit of a yellowish tone to it. If you go with RS's normal, you'll have to blush it to match. Otherwise you could go with what the other person suggested and get white skin for both.

      Proportion wise, Supia girl heads work best on smaller SD bodies, so you' ll probably not want to look at the 68cm girl body. The other 1/3 bodies should be okay:)

      Hope this helps, and happy holidays!:kitty2
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    5. Thanks! you too :candycane:gingerbreadman:treecookie:candycane
    6. The 58cm doll body works too! It has a 9cm neck.
    7. I have a 60cm RS female body with a Supia Naomi head and she fits perfectly.

      The resin match is pretty good too, although I do body blush that body admittedly.
    8. @Vexxed Can you please tell me the circumstance of Naomi head and how big is the neck hole is? Supia website says the heads fits with both 65cm and 60cm bodies, but the neck size of the bodies are different (9.3cm vs. 10cm)
    9. I've had her on a 60cm body and a 65cm one and the 65cm one was a bit of a stetch.