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SUPIADOLL,supia Family.[Supia's international website]

Mar 18, 2009

    1. http://supiadollz.net/index.php

      Supia has started their own store.

      -The dolls are all Urethane resin
      -and the price is lowered because they are sold directly.
      -You need to registrate to see the prices. [prices are from 480-200 usd]

      =3= yay ive been waiting for this!
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    2. Are they providing all the resin colors (white, normal and tan)?
    3. they only have white and normal beigen.

      You have to ask in Q&A if they will still get tan.
      [i think they will but probably pre orders only?]
    4. Apparently they've exceeded their daily traffic limit =/
    5. do they take layaway?:? That would be totally AWESOME!
    6. Will the EMS shipping costs be the same?
    7. I don't think there is any reason to do layaway.
      The work the same as Dollmore and eluts.
      So the dolls are unlimited, so you can simply save up your money and buy the doll when you have it at anytime.

      They do speak of pre-orders, but i guess this is for their limited/tan dolls?

      You can try to mail them about it.

      I checked it yesterday, but..forgot lol.
      You can simply test it by adding to your cart and selecting ems and the zone.
      I think it was the same as Musedoll..53 usd?