Surprisingly Positive Things People Have Said!

Oct 7, 2007

    1. Sorry if a topic like this already exists!

      There are lots of threads about negative reactions to dolls and people saying derogatory things about their cost and how they look and their "creepiness," but has anyone ever had surprisingly positive reactions to their dolls?

      I ask because this past Thursday when my Hugo-N arrived at work (I always have really important packages sent to work!), I had so many positive reactions to him--from both men and women! In fact, no one said anything mean about him at all!

      There were a few people I specifically sought out in order to show him to them because they had shown interest in Athene (my CP NS Lishe) when she had arrived earlier in the year, but on my way to visit them, several people stopped me to ask me questions and were just curious in general--even grown men! And a lot of people who didn't stop to ask questions smiled as I walked by with him! The same thing happened with Athene--many people stopped to ask me about her and learn, rather than say disparaging things, and several people smiled!

      And, a friend who had been very negative about my dolls (BJDs, Pullips, etc.) a few years ago has now started to appreciate them and even like them!
    2. Once when I was taking Mizzy to a local doll shop, I stopped at this antique store that was on the way. Had to bring her in since it was extremely hot outside, and I was hoping no one would really notice the two foot doll in my arms since the guy who runs the register there tends to watch me like a hawk as it is (since apparently all under-thirties shoplift) and I didn't want him to accuse me of stealing my own doll. The ladies in the back part of the shop went nuts over her though, saying she was gorgeous and that they thought that her eyes and wig being removable was 'much more convienent than other dolls'. o.O They even pointed out some stuff in the vintage-clothes section that could be remade into things for her.
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    3. Everyone at work seems fascinated by Kira and can't wait to see him, I can't wait to take him there. My colleague Nett has been asking me every single week (its a sunday job) if he has arrived yet
    4. That's so cool! I love how already they were looking at things from a BJD point of view!

      That's wonderful! I hope you follow-up and let us know how it goes!
    5. My mom was kind of weirded out by the dolls for the longest time, then one day she walked by and saw Iris in her new JPop RoseGold Ginger wig and said "Hey, is this new? I really like this one... it's cute on her". It was just so random and made me smile.
    6. I took my IH Wetsen Cocori to school to show teachers and ended up ahving her out last period. I'm a freshman taking tenth grade english and one boy said that she was really pretty and a couple of girls were fascinated by her.

      Another time I took her to a restraunt and these two older women were commenting on how beautiful she was and hwo they wished they had dolls like that when they were young.

      Of course I told them that they were never too old for BJDs. :D
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    7. I was at a convention a few weeks ago, sitting outside waiting to be picked up to go home, and a group of older women not there for the con saw my Volks Yukinojo that I was sitting with and wanted to know about him. As they went inside, one turned to the other and said something to the effect of, "Now if we could just find a real man that looked like that..." :-D

    8. On one of my visits to my grandmother's house, I decided to bring Manic along, mostly to show how I was improving at sewing. :sweat
      Much to my surprise, my great-grandmother (who lives there too), by far the one I least expected to say this, commented,
      "Wow, he looks so handsome in that suit." And then asked to see him.

      She was the first person who hadn't mistaken him for a girl first, and I felt all happy knowing someone thought he looked good; I spent a lot of time fiddling with his appearance and clothes. It was nice. ^^

      Also, there is a topic like this already, but it hasn't been touched in months:

      Maybe they'll combine the threads later.
    9. All of these are great fun to read!

      :aheartbea :aheartbea I wish we could know if they

      That is so awesome!! :D

      That's great about your great-grandmother! I'm so glad she had such a positive reaction! :) Thank you for the note about the existing topic; maybe they will combine them.
    10. I showed a website to my mum and instead of yelling at me, she encouraged me to get one... o.O
      After I bought my first BJD, I expected my friends to think it was a waste of money since they're all so frugal. Surprisingly enough, they all thought BJDs were cute and now they keep asking when my BJD will get here ^^
    11. One of my friends, who isn't much of a doll person herself, really surprised me with her interest in him! She hates all sorts of "girly" things, and always has, but she was really excited to see him and got mad at me for not showing him to her right away!
      She even dressed him up in other doll's clothes and wanted to sew for him. She gave me a ton of fabric and even tried to sew him some jammies!

      Both my grandmother and my mom have been really excited he's here. My mom even asked to hold him (and all this after she said he was a waste of money and I could have bought a car with that money!) My dad also has been noticing him. If Nicolai's not at my desk with me he'll come over and ask "Hey, where's Nicolai?" then go find him and tell me "He was feeling lonely."
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    12. one friend said that my boy looked rather cute, although she had a fear of clowns and dolls
      my mom said that my dolls can make good companions at home instead of junk,unlike what she says about my Kera magazines
    13. I have a desktop with my dolls - and the ones I'm still waiting for - and all the people in my section of teacher's college have noticed. Everyone is all excited, wanting to know what they are, where I get them from, that they're so beautiful, if I sew for them, so on. And once they find out I have them, or am waiting on them... I get questions daily about when they're coming and if they're here yet. I was so very pleasantly surprised!
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    14. Well, I already knew my dad liked my newfound interest in BJDs, but it never makes me feel so happy whenever he asks particular questions about them, like telling me to tell him whenever I make my boy something new to wear, or it's just simply fun when I get to sit and ramble and just explain all the different aspects of BJDs from how their joints work to all the different mods I want to make and actually know that someone cares xD

      But other than that, my older sister, who for quite the while really disapproved of Nazomi, my first boy. I was spending the money on him at quite an awkward time and I know she saw him as a waste. But now, not only does she refer to him by his name, she'll even take the time to look with me at the grocery store for just the right hair products for his wig or at the supply store for fine enough sand paper x3

      I know those are just little things, but it really means alot to me that she's more interested and accepting my hobby ^_^
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    15. A couple people at my workplace know about my hobby, and I really didn't expect anybody to get it, but the one other girl in my department loves them and she really likes seeing pictures of them, even though she's had no prior experience with BJDs :)
    16. I have had overwhelmingly posotive reactions from most to my dolls....I rarely hear negative remarks, but occasionally it happens LOL. Ironically enough, it seems to be GUYS who like my dolls more than girls. I do get alot of girls reacting to them, but i've had guys actually want to hold them and look at them. One guy even referred to Mykal as "him". He said "Could i hold him for a second?" that surprised me. :)
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    17. There been some new improvements on my mom. While I don't think she and my Cyber shiwoo riven will ever get along I showed her a pic of a elf chiwoo I want to get one day. She like wow he is pretty you should get one...I was so shocked I thought a pod person had taken over my mom there for a bit.

      Mom seems to want to sew for my kids except Riven -__- you win some you loose some but at least she is starting to think a little positve towards most of the others.

      NOw if she steals my elf chwioo when I do get him well then that a different story XD.
    18. Still such lovely stories! I don't think it matters how small the compliment seems--I consider them all a triumph for this very misunderstood hobby of ours. :aheartbea
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    19. I think the nicest thing I've been said was the fact my fiancee (who hates Junya XD) really liked Miyuu (My Kd delf) and said "She's cool" XD That is quite impressive, coming from him :lol:
    20. When I first announced that I was going to get a 60cm doll (skipping the point in which I was to tell them how much it cost, irrelevant, don't you think?), I was a bit afraid how my parents would react. What with now father working at army, me being a boy and even mother believing in the old traditional ways.
      Well. When it arrived and I got it home, dragged in my room. Allowed it to be there for moment and came out of there (admitted there was a night between here when I went to my friend where we got photos taken of him), but after that I met my dad when I got back home and the first thing he asks:
      "So when are we going to see the doll?"
      Okay. Might not sound like much, but the way he said it was that he completely accepted the idea of his son buying himself a 60cm tall doll and frankly that's the most positive thing I've heard anyone say to me of it and it wasn't the only one either, for that matter.
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