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:: { Sweet Gale } :: Discussion Thread

Nov 25, 2011

    1. I made this thread for new company Sweet Gale < http://sweet-gale.com > :aheartbea
      They released 2 new BJDs, Wayne & Simon ~


      Let's talk about this sweetie boys :chocoberry
    2. I wish they will sell the head only! I really love Wayne as a girl=V=
    3. I know! I totally fell for Wayne, but there's simply no way I'm getting him with that body... I hope selling only heads will be reconsidered. *sob*

      He's got such a delicately sweet face!
      Also, am I the only one being a teenie bit reminded of Switch molds when I look at them?
    4. Yes,that was the first thing I thought!
      These heads are so sweet. But the face up is not for my taste. But Shiroi, to bring out the best of these lovely molds, wouldn´t that be a very nice job for You? *hehe* ;)
    5. I think they are brilliant, obviously a very talented new artist here. They do remind me of switch a bit, and volks also, Simon looks a bit like switch Shino and WAyne has an Sd cecil feel about him. But they are beautiful in their own right.

      I love both Wayne and Simon, but 'Misha' the doll pictured in the gallery is my favorite. He took my breath away!
    6. Agreed, I'm holding out on the heads only....I really want the one featured in the gallery though, with the little teeth :D
    7. Haha, yes, maybe they would! (They hold so many opportunities! - well most BJD mold does. :lol: )
      But I'm afraid if I'll ever get Wayne, I'll be pretty boring because (xcept the girly factor) I would totally keep this sweet, delicate air about him. Just like on these pics. :)

      krystina~Yes, I think me too. I really want Wayne on an SD10 or Aria sweet body... fits perfectly for the character I have in mind. :D

      On another note - I've asked the artist and she said they're not limited!
      Great news. :D
    8. Huzzah for not being limited!!:o I was thinking the DollnDoll King body, but now that you mention Aria, I've changed my mind :kitty1 I was thinking Spiritdoll Elegance too, but way too expensive (beautiful sculpt tho!) Aria seems perfect!
    9. I totally need Misha! :D Those little teeth are :aheartbea ! It is good to know the others won't be limited...I am hoping Misha won't be limited, or won't be too limited if he is, because I wouldn't be able to buy him soon at all. >.<
    10. Isn't it? XD I think they have exactly this delicate, boyish face that goes greatly with it. That...and the fact that the Aria body looks 1/1 like the SD10 body, with the exception that it's sculpted more nicely, lean and lifelike. So... WIN for me. :D

      And the more I see him the more I want Wayne. I wonder how'll be possible to get only heads. In the same message I asked the artist about this, too, but she said no way (so far) for this option.
    11. Agreed. I like the childish/lean look of aria as well, especially for the Misha sculpt. I really hope she reconsiders releasing heads only (600 seems a bit steep for the fullset *not saying it wouldn't be worth it though* but I'm not really a fan of the body (it's really elegant, but looks too "boxy" on the chest area) plus it's too tall for that kind of a face, me thinks.
      Wayne is really cute; hopefully we wont have to wait long for her to release heads only or just the basic set.
    12. I really love how wayne looks...such a sweet face, esp with the long wig. 6oo bucks though :(
    13. Okay, I need Wayne ASAP. I thought of Switch too, good thing I'm not just crazy.
    14. That's exactly what I thought! I love these boys though- they've got that darling sweet, old fashioned face- there's a ton of potential there!
    15. Oh man, I love everything about these dolls. I don't mind that they are not in the same scale as most dolls for their age. They look to be boys aged 10-11 or so. I actually really like the 'boxy' chest area and I've seen kids with that type of body shape. At that age they are starting to transition to taller and lean with slightly oversized shoulders for some boy shapes. They wouldn't fit with any other doll but they are beautiful.

      I think with Simon, his sculpt is great but his eyes are so wonky in the positioning. He looks like he's cross-eyed but I think it's just the eye placement.

      When I can afford it I would consider Wayne but Spiritdoll might have a hold of me first lol.
    16. They look to me like SWITCH and Napi mixed together. Wayne particularly looks like Huisa in a way, they are really lovely, but I feel as if they are hindering their sales by not having a convienient and quick way of buying them. I hope they stick around though, as every doll company has their moments of tweaking when they first start out. Hope these buys are someone's perfect doll so they can get some orders in!
    17. I really like these boys, Wayne has totally broken me. Do they have more than one skin tone? I would love to buy him in white skin and make him a little ghost child. Does anyone know where I can get outfits like the ones they're wearing for sd10 or similar sized boys?
    18. I'm totally in love with Simon..he reminds me too much of a younger IO windwalker from soom..i'm not keen with this size..but..yeah..i found a pal for my notdoll lady Argeia!!!
    19. Ahh, such cute boys! I really love Wayne and at first I thought he was a girl- I was glad to learn otherwise. Their bodies aren't exactly to my tastes, but the Switchyness of the heads makes me want to consider them. They're really very cute, both of them!

      I wonder if the company accepts layaway? I see someone asked already. -cross fingers-
    20. The more I look the more I think even their own body is ok already... XD; I'm kind of starting to like their proportions (and legs).
      At one point I'll really get Wayne... but if I wait long enough maybe she'll accept layaway already, or just sell them not as 'full sets' but 'blank' for a little cheaper. lol

      Cash~Yeah, we asked but sadly she won't accept layaway at all. :(