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sweet new Happydoll -- Dorothy -

Dec 20, 2005

    1. oops forgot to mention-
      you can buy her from www.hybrid-moon.com if you're europe (reliable and quick, considering it works on preorders)

      or www.happydollus.com if you're stateside, (but I don't think they take paypal at happydoll US, so you could consider hybrid moon)
    2. This is the first female doll that I've liked. She's wonderful.

      I went to the Happy Doll site to try to find out what her body looks like. I could only find a photo of a male body. Does anyone know what their girl bodies look like. Are they mature looking or little girl like?
    3. You can choose from the Special Limted Edition of 10...Basic Doll or Kit :)


    4. Happydoll girl bodies are VERY mature looking, not in the least childlike. I have Margo, and Dorothy seems to have the same exact body (those unmistakable hands, LOL).

      The body is tall, on the lean side, has well defined muscles in the arms and thighs, she is small wasted, and full busted, and her bust "hangs" lower, in a more natural, mature, womanly manner than most BJD. Her legs aren't the greatest, IMHO, but she is sturdy, well balanced, and poses beautifully.

      After Xmas I'll get some semi nude shots for you guys, meanwhile you can see my girl in a crop top (you can at least see arms, chest and waist in those), in some pics in the Requests Gallery section.
    5. I e-mailed Lucy from Happydoll the link to this thread, heres her reply -

      Hello. ^^
      I read that you write in forum.
      Because many people love Dorothy, I also very a delight.
      I am thankful to you who send the good news to me.
      Forward, I will try so that can make doll that can get a lot of loves.
      I thank to you very much.
      Have a nice day.

      Lucy Han.
    6. Errr...I've just bought her, I'll post some cute photos when she arrives ^^