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SWITCH(former Sonyeongi)'s New Outfit pre-order & Make-up Service Release!

Jun 22, 2010

    1. Hi, This is SWITCH(Former SONYEINGI)

      1. Notic of beginning of [SWITCH] Outfit brand :

      This is a notice of update for Switch's first outfit set, {Classic : Black}.
      This outfit will be available as pre-order from June 22th to June 27th(KOREAN TIME).


      2. Notice of beginning of [SWITCH] makeup service:

      We are excited to announce the starting of makeup service from SWITCH this June.
      In this new makeup service, two types of makeup options will be available: "Gentle Brown" with natural tones and "Pure Violet" with captivating gorgeousness.

      <Gentle Brown>


      <Pure Violet>


      We will be waiting for your visits. (more pictures!)

      Please check the detail on the following page link.
      Thank you all for your interests! :>


      Twitter : from.switch.on@gmail.com
      Please follow me! :)