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+ SWITCH + NEW Financier Cut Wig

Jan 12, 2011

    1. Switch's released a new wig on the sly! :fangirl:

      New Wig [Financier Cut] will be updated on
      2011.01.12. 06:00PM (KOR)

      Link to Financier Cut Sales Page.



      Size: L size - 9" ~10"
      M size - 8" ~ 9"

      Colours: Sugar Black, Pecan Brown, Peanut Butter, Vanilla Ivory, Maple Carrot, London Grey

      Production costs, and other subsidiary materials prices were increased.
      Therefore, wigs selling price in 2011 was a little bit increased.
      We ask for your understandings.T_T

      I'd noticed it on the Korean Switch page a while ago. They've released it for the international folks now!