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SWITCH New Limited Head: VIAN Discussion Thread

Nov 2, 2010

    1. New Limited Head: VIAN ~SWITCH's 1st Celebration~

      Switch will be releasing a new limited head, Vian, in honour of one of their staff member's wedding on 30.10.10. :D

      The News Thread is located here.

      So, anyone intending on getting Vian? :)
    2. I'm hoping to, but I always find their times and website confusing. Are they still selling for the start date on the 6th?
    3. In their time, yes - the heads will be released November 6th, 10PM.

    4. Thank you rainwaltz for the clarification.
    5. No problem! I'm lucky enough to be just an hour behind their time. ^_____^
    6. South Korea's timezone is GMT +9, anyway. For those who need help with time conversion, you may like to take a look at The World Clock's webpage.
    7. Thanks Bunnisteffi, I will keep an eye on the clock. I'm hoping someone might open a GO for this head, I know you can order two at a time. I'm going to keep my eye on the GO thread :3
    8. Blank Vian photos are now up! Seeing them reminds me of a younger Hahwa. :>
    9. The Waiting Room for Vian is here! Goodness. I think I've been starting too many threads for this head. >_<
    10. Vian is on shipping! *A* Did noboby else on DoA order him?