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SWITCH/SNG La vie en rose : Discussion thread

Jun 30, 2010

    1. Do we know which bodies are compatible matches, resin and size wise?

      edit note: I'm not familiar with the company, but this guy is seriously cute and handsome!^^
    2. Holy.. I was just casually checking the news threads and BAM, this gorgeous guy pops up. I wasn't expecting to find something I want to buy, but I did. He's so perfect, those lips, those eyes.. gah o__o I have to scrape up the money for him somehow, he looks just like one of my characters. I didn't think I'd ever find the perfect head for that character, and when I finally do, it has to be limited -__-
    3. Just answering my own question, but under the info for Milwha, the head is compatible with VOLKS SD13 Boy (UV Skin) / CUSTOMHOUSE AI Boy (Renewal ver.)/ Luts S.Delf Boy / other 60cm bodies. :)
    4. What a sweet, dreamy eyed mold! It's a shame he's limited. I imagine he would look adorable with freckles.
    5. My Milhwa is on SDGR body. Match is very good.
    6. I was intending to wait around for another WS Milhwa on the 2nd hand marketplace to turn up - I need another to complete my set of Milhwa twins. Totally hadn't expected SNG to release a Dreaming version of him. ^________^ Rather than wait for the Milhwa, I think I'll just go with Hahwa, for he does look so much more... yummier. Meep. Wonder if SNG will do a second release of this head in WS, like with Milhwa.

      fossil> Oh gosh. Just scrolled up and saw your post. You're going for Milhwa twins, too? XDDDD

      Edit: By the way, does anyone have a rough estimate of the price of Hahwa's head? They don't have the prices of their other heads up on their site atm, either.
    7. Bunny> Mihwa was suppost to pair up with Zed, Kill_U (they got similar tattos! XD) but Hahwa is rather delicious. So I MIGHT end up with Twins + Zed (Like Oh Crap. I'm suppose to downsize my crew.)

      What body is your Mihwa on?

      I paid 155 (including shipping) for Mihwa, so I'm expecting Hahwa going for that price or slightly more (since he's a LE).

      Still no photo updates =3= Or am I missing some link?
    8. Just when I thought there were no more dolls I wanted, this guy pops up. And definitely do want! When they say July 4, do they mean Korean time? Their site says they're closed on the weekends. Guess I better ask in the News thread.
    9. I think they mean Korean time. So it will be Sunday for us.
    10. Pictures and price are up. 160 for him.
      Hot damn, he looks good on the SDGR.
    11. Looks like the sale starts tomorrow at 11pm!
    12. I nearly expired when I saw the new photos. Heh.

      Fossil> My WS Milhwa matches the WS Lati M I'd got from Cheese pretty well. So he's got to share bodies with him. XD

    13. Sorry, what is SDGR? :sweat
    14. SDGR = Super Dolfie Graffiti

      The SD Graffiti body is an upgrade of the SD13 boy body, with its jointing system and overall stylistics based on the Volks SD17 boy body.

      But have to say, he does look very good on the body.
    15. ... Though I don't suppose that it's easy to get a SDGr body? ._. Has anyone else tried bodies other than those from Volks and Luts with SNG NS?
    16. I remembered a RL friend put her Milhwa head on the Luts SDF body and she mentioned the match is spot-on.
    17. Thanks so much for the info - much appreciated!^^ I can't really afford to buy any more dolls right now, but good luck to all those with fast enough fingers to 'check-him-out-fast'! ;)
    18. Oh my, I love him! He's so adorable! How's the resin quality if any one knows? ^^