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[SWITCH/SNG] New Doll - LA VIE EN ROSE : [HUISA] release!

Sep 17, 2010

    1. ~ LA VIE EN ROSE : [HUISA] ~


      Greeting from SWITCH.

      This is a notice of update for LA VIE EN ROSE : 犧捨[HUISA]
      We will be waiting for your visits. (more pictures!)

      Please check the detail on the following page link.
      Thank you all for your interests! :-)



      1. We will not be answering to questions regarding re-release after this period.
      We ask for your understandings.

      2. In this preorder sale period, a person can purchase up to 4 heads.

      3. We will not be answering to questions regarding purchase of more than 4 heads per person. We ask for your understandings.

      4. Colors may look different depending on your monitor settings.

      5. We do not accept request for the makeup shown in our promotional pictures.
      We currently have no plans to offer same makeup shown in our promotional pictures in future and we ask for your understandings.




      Head size (circumference): 9 inch
      Eye size: 16mm ~ smaller 18mm
      Compatible body type: 60cm Scale BJD body
      Skin type: normal skin

      Default Configuration :
      head + head plate + Certification of Authenticity document + default case

      Special Present : LA VIE EN ROSE Original story book

      Starting time of order :
      [FONT=굴림]September 24 2010 ~ September 28 2010 (KOREAN Time)[/FONT]

      The Day limit for Payment :
      [FONT=굴림] September 24 2010 ~ September 28 2010 (KOREAN Time)[/FONT]


      * Due to all products are order-made,
      there will be no cancellations after confirmation of payment.

      * We will have Holidays for [Korean Thanksgiving Day]
      from Sep. 21 to Sep. 23 (KOR).
      Shipping, answering on QnA board etc will be stopped temporarily.

      All the staffs from SWITCH will do their best to send the heads out quicker than previous pre-orders.

      Thank you. :-)