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Switching sizes?

Apr 4, 2011

    1. There is probably a thread for this already, if so please merge it mods!

      I am an SD collector and have been since just under 4 years ago when I got my first doll, an Iplehouse SooRi.

      All my dolls since (with the exception of two tinies who are now sold) have been SD with my tallest being my Soom Sard.

      However, I have recently not been playing with my dolls much and have become very interested in the MSD size having met a few at a meetup. It is a more wieldy, affordable size in my opinion and with Angelheim and Soom's MD minis, there is no longer a lack of fantasy parts for them.
      My first mini is on layaway, a Leeke Mikhaila and I am so excited to see what I think of the size. A lot of my dolls on my wishlist are also minis and I am worried that the size might be what I'm switching over to.

      Problem is, I worry that it may mean the end for my SD boys, one of whom is my grail dolly but he is just...so tall.

      To those who switched sizes, MSD to SD or vice versa (or to tinies etc.) how easy was it to 'transition?' Do you still have dolls of the size you used to collect? Do you play with them as much as the 'new' size?

      To those with mixed collections, is there a size who gets more attention than others?

      Thanks everyone!
    2. I actually got rid of my SDs to get MSDs once, and now have all size ranges really.

      My tinies get the most 'on the go' attention-I can put them in my purse and snap pictures if I happen to find a nice place, whereas my other dolls require some planning to take them out.

      I think my minis get the most attention overall, since I make more things for them and take them to meets more often than the others. However, my SD girl gets the most elaborate clothing made for her, so maybe it's a trade off. Less attention, more quality stuff?

      I do admit that I never regretted scaling down the first time, from big dolls to minis. The minis really are less clunky, but are still big enough that it's easy to do clothing and faceups for them.
    3. Well from the first get-go I have been a mixed collection kind of person, My first doll being a 70 cm Dollshe, the second a Iplehouse MSD, and so on. I now own:
      3 SD (all around 70cm), 3.5 MSD (almost 4), 2 Yo-SD, 1 Tiny (puki).

      I love all my dolls, they all get attention. I always try to put time into each of them in turn.
      Of course some of them are easier to move around than the others, so I usually plan which dolls to take to which cons, meetings, festivals and so on. but they do all get their turn.

      With buying them things its the same story, one moment my focus will be on buing for one doll but when I see something in a different size that would be perfect I just switch and get that item.

      In my personal opinion having different sizes is part of the fun. and with everything that is up on offer (in company clothes, commissions, second hand, home made and so on) I don't think one really has to chose one size if they don't want to.

      Good luck deciding :)
    4. In the beginning I was an SD size only doll collector, but I got an MSD sized doll eventually, because there was nothing like this doll (Limho Mono) in SD size. Then I got another MSD sized doll for the same reason (Batchix Machina). After that I got a few more. I find there are pros and cons to both sizes and even if the size was not the preferred size, all of my dolls have something that I like.
      Smaller dolls are lighter (=easier to carry in a bag), but I miss the "volume" when holding them. I'm so used to carrying an SD sized doll on my arm that smaller dolls tend to fall off. :sweat

      But I like all sizes (tiny size included) for different reasons. That's why I didn't have to switch sizes when I got interested in a different size. I simply expanded my collection with a new size.
    5. Thanks for the input everyone :D
      I'm really hoping to keep the big guys I have and just add some minis into the mix! I guess the problem is I want them all in the same universe so I'm going to have to think of a way to explain the size issue xD

      Oh Muisje, Limho Mono was what did this to me too. I wasn't tht bothered by minis until I found him!!!
    6. I started out intending only to buy msds, but then started getting SDs as I needed some specific sculpts for characters. I really turned into more of an SD person for awhile, but both sizes have a lot to be said for them -- I find myself getting back into minis a bit more, but not to the exclusion of my larger dolls. It's more like the population maybe starting to even out a bit from being so SD-centric.
    7. Mixing different sizes in such a way that they fit together can be challenging. Limho Mono for example can pass for an older teen on his own, but looks so short and young next to a 60-70 cm doll. Some of my characters have different versions of themselves. One of them even has a YoSD, MSD and SD sized version. It helps with the fitting in, but it's very bad for your wallet. :sweat
    8. I started out with only SD sized dolls, but as more sizes were invented, I added kids and toddlers to my "family". Later, when tiny elves appeared, I added those as fantasy creatures, unseen by the other dolls. Last year, I finally discovered a mature mini that I love and so now have introduced a new size to my collection. I don't feel that I have to stick to one size or another because that would limit my fun. I just don't mix the size groups together when I photograph them if the scale would bother me.
    9. I have more SD sized dolls than MSD sized ones and I have a definite preference for SD but don't mind the mixture. What I haven't gotten used to yet is the Tinies. I don't think I'd ever make the jump from SD to MSD only. The only reason I added MSD dolls to my collection in the first place was because of Limho Mono. But other than Mono, I really don't have much interest in MSD dolls.
    10. You may not even have to "switch." I have MSD's and tinies, and would love to get an SD soon. You don't have to just stick with one size of doll; have fun with all of them!
    11. My first doll was a tiny, and as soon as I got him I knew that his size was just not for me. Transitioning into MSDs was effortless to me. I love everything about the size! I have considered getting a SD, and one of my favorite molds is a SD. I think if you really love the SDs you have then getting some MSDs will be no problem.
    12. I don't see the point of being restricted to one size - I have all sizes from RealPuki up through SD. I play with them all, it sometimes goes in phaes of one or two dolls over the others as it's almost impossible to play with all 30 at once (not to mention all the non-resin dolls and bears adn othr toy-folk in the house) but none of them are really neglected.

      It's happened occasionally - I know to steer clear of 8 inch BJD's as they just don't get played with - the five of them I've had were re-dressed occasionally then sat there untouched until the next time I re-dressed them. So I rold them on with the realization that it's a size that just doens't seem to work for me in BJDs (I have other dolls that size which do get played with).

    13. I have SD's and one MSD. And because I have bought that one MSD I do know now that SD is my only size I like! I love my little one, and I will not sell her but I give her not the attention I give to my other doll's. And when I see the tiny ones, that is not my size at all. Sorry!
    14. Yo-sized tinies used to be my primary size, but right now I have more larger dolls. Now I find myself interested in some smaller dolls again. Minies have never really struck me as much, so they've never overrun my collection like the other two size ranges have.
    15. I knew even before I started collecting dolls I was going to want both a mixture of mini and 60 cm dolls, but I started off with the minis first since they were what really caught my eye to begin with and were easier to obtain from their cheaper price point. As my desire to broaden my collection grew I had planned to stick with mainly minis with 2 bigger dolls. However, once I recieved my first 60 cm boy I just knew that wasn't going to work. I sold off all my floating mini heads and one full doll and since then have only bought one more mini which was only to reshell another mini which I also sold off just recently.

      I have no plans or want to replace my 3 resident minis as I feel they're here to stay, but I seriously doubt I'll be ordering any more. Likewise, now that I've also accumalated a couple dolls in the 55cm range I find that I absolutely adore that size and now find my slightly bigger guys to be too bothersome, so I also doubt I'll ever buy a doll in the 65+ range either. I've yet to wander into the realm of tinies yet since the size just does very little in interesting me and if I did buy a couple they would most likely be anthros of some sort to act as familiars for my normal dolls. I don't see any reason to switch from one size to another entirely if one really doesn't want to, I simply know what size works for me and my dolls' storylines.
    16. Good topic! I have a mixed size collection too and I find that my MSD-sized and YoSD-sized dolls are generally the easiest for me to handle. But lately I've been acquiring more SD-sized dolls because they are so beautiful that I just couldn't resist! I have a Domuya Fin on layaway right now and she's even a bit bigger than the average SD size.

      My overall preference is for MSD, for handling as well as cost, but I've never let size deter me if I find a doll I am really smitten with. I think I play with them all pretty much the same.
    17. I've also got a mixed size collection! Although I currently don't have any tinies, I've got MSDs and SDs and I love having the range of heights! Don't feel as though you have to limit yourself to one size or another- go with what you like best and see how it all fits together! Amazing things can be done with posing that make the height differences less significant... ;)
    18. when i was first researching the hobby i didn't really know all of the doll sites and shizz, i wasn't even a member of DoA yet XD; i only really knew about Crobidoll and thought, "man, i really like these dolls!" so i got a yeon-ho, and of course after that i learned more about dolls and the other sizes, and never really liked the ones i saw....but now i have a tiny of my own and am starting to like them a heck of a lot more, esp their prices XD;;;;
    19. I started in the mini size, and bought a tiny a while ago. I really didn't care for the size... but it could have been the actual doll who knows. I stayed with Minis because it was easier to store in all honesty. Tiny spaces meant I didn't have alot of room for an bigger doll, but then I got a hold of my first SD. Now I really like the size, and most of my future doll planning is in that size *but* I don't know if I should shouldn't limit myself XD it could be bad having all those doll options :P
    20. I started out with MSDs (Volks MSDs) and really enjoyed them for a couple years, I really liked the chubby bodies and their sculpts. But over time I noticed all these little nit-picky things I didn't like about the size, I kind of felt like in some ways it was too big/too old, in some ways it was too small/too young and it was overall just not the size the characters I had in my head could fit into. I could picture them as SD-size or YoSD size, but they just couldn't seem to fit MSDs.

      I've settled that for now by shrinking them down to YoSDs, which takes care of the young end of the chart. I'm trying (very much in vain, it seems) to restrict myself to just that size since I like being able to mix and match between the two and I am really, really wanting to limit the amount of money I throw into the hobby the older I get - life priorities change, love of dolls does not. *Sighs* :sweat But that seems rather hopeless for me, I get more and more attached to the idea of adult and child versions of them. I really agree with a lot of other posters here about how it's almost impossible to limit/restrict yourself in this hobby and in one ways you miss out all the more because of it.