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Sylvanian Family/Calico Critters outfits?

Apr 9, 2009

    1. Hi everyone-- I was wondering if the Sylvanian family outfits fit any of the tinies. I can't seem to figure out what size they are!
    2. Well, I've heard they fit Wishels though I haven't tried for myself just yet. Since they are quite small I would venture a guess that they ought to fit Pukis aswell. If I can get a hold of any outfits I'll confirm whether they fit a Wishel at the very least^^
    3. hmmm good question, I'll have a look at Toy World and take my Pukis with me and do a comparison :)
    4. I have 1 old animal, and the little overall shorts fit great with a button in the back! The shirt was to wide in the shoulders.
    5. What doll do these little overalls fit, Juliepinetree?
    6. Oh, oops! My Puki!
    7. Haha:D I thought as much but wanted to be sure:)
    8. think they'd fit pocket fairy?
    9. Wishels and Pocketfairy dolls seem to be able to fit the same clothes so I would assume so. I think Wishels are slightly thinner in the body though I have only seen photo comparisons and couldn't tell you this from experience^^; I wish I still had my original animal families. I am desperate for clothes for my two newest arrivals!
    10. I've noticed that clothes that fit Puki often fit Lati White-- are these clothes too big though?
    11. Oh, and also-- are the Sylvanian family outfits either the exact same thing or the exact same size as the Calico Critters?
    12. Hey, I've been meaning to respond to your last question^^; The Calico Critters and the Sylvanian Families are actually the same size but the Calicos are produced in the US and the Sylvanians are produced in the UK and Europe from what I gather. With the Sylvanian Families you get different animals and some of the same species but different looking. So as far as clothing fitting it wouldn't make a difference which type you got. You should be able to get them on ebay pretty easily but buying them direct or from a store will be quite costly. So if all you want is clothing, stick with ebay would be my suggestion:)
    13. thanks! that was extremely useful :)
    14. :D So glad to have helped you!