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Symmetrical or asymmetrical hand poses?

Jul 25, 2007

  1. Symetrical hands -- both posed the same way.

  2. Assymetrical hands -- two different poses.

  3. No preference either way.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. I'm about to start sculpting hands to go with a head I'm hoping to cast, and I was wondering which people prefer. My inclination was to do two different hand poses -- it's just more interesting to me as a sculptor -- but I've noticed that all of my dolls (from three different companies) have both of their hands posed the same way.

    2. Asymmetrical for me. How many times to you see a human who's hands are in the same position? It just seems more natural to me to have differently positioned hands.
    3. Definitely assymetrical. It's both more realistic & expressive. Hands are such an important part of these dolls to me.
    4. Unless it's something special like heart hands, I prefer asymmetrical hand poses, they seem more natural to me.
    5. I voted "no preference"

      I love the idea of asymetrical hands, but with certain companies I don't like using hands from two different sets because they are/look different sizes. That bugs me.

    6. I don't have a problem with symetrical hands, but asymetrical do look a lot more natural.
    7. Snazzy. Glad to see that people's preferences (on average) align with what I want to sculpt.

      Raven: I think anyone would be put off by differently sized hands... I'll certainly try to avoid that.

      Thank you all for voting. :)
    8. Asymmetrical. I love hands and will buy optional hands just so everyone has mismatched hands, and so I can switch them up as I need to depending on the pose.
    9. I prefer a little asymetry, not much but yes a little, it's more reallystic
    10. There are certain poses or positions that look better when both hands are the same... but in general I think different poses look more natural and more interesting. In fact, I think it would be neat if companies that make optional hands offered mix and match hand pairs or single hands, so you could get what you want without buying twice as many hands (of course they probably make more money selling paired hands XD).

      I wish everyone did loads of optional hands, it seems like all of my favourite dolls are made by companies that don't offer optional hands and are really bad matches to any other resin (i.e. Blue Fairy which is pinker and darker). Hands can be so expressive!!
    11. This is why I like s-hooks. I usually have his hands on in symmetrical fasion, but I like being able to make him point or gesture when the time is right :)
    12. The human brain is wired to prefer slight asymmetry, at least as far as the appearance of a human form is concerned. There's been a lot of studies into this. They've all found that perfection is less attractive.

      So I'm very glad that my boy has hands that are similarly posed but not identical.
    13. asymmetric, because it is closer to realistic.
    14. For what it's worth, I'm hoping to eventually make a variety of easily swappable option hands. I love hands. :)
    15. I think I have to go for asymmetry, as well. I would use symmetrical hands for a specific pose (like the heart hands, for example) in photographs, but in the long run, I think I'd prefer the hands to look more realistic nine tenths of the time.
    16. It might be fun to have different hands from my dolls, but they both have symmetrical hands and I don't mind.
    17. Well, I think having asymmetrical hands is almost like getting two sets of hands for the (price) of one X3
    18. Asymmetrical for more uses! :)
      One to vaguely point with, one to sort of grip with.
    19. different, more choice for poses ofcourse^^
    20. Definitely asymmetrical. I just received a doll from Doll in Mind, and was very disappointed that his hands are mirror images of each other. So unimaginative!!!!!!
      p.s. good luck with the project!