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[SYRNX-the nymp] is now showing on Romantic-Breeze.com

Jan 28, 2010

    1. [​IMG]



      I've fixed the name of 00RB-SP-E, to Srynx, the nymp.
      (Why is not a SYR'I'NX....for distinguishing ^^a)



      Not only images of nymp, Ive challenged to other styles..a;





      Also, my gallery page Anu style is updated too. http://Anustyle.com
      You can enjoy both way of flash(original images) or tatter ones, too.
      (Very many numbers of images are inside)

      (more questions, please can you use shop board..)

      Discussion page : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=341505
      (Thanks a lot, dear Pris84)

      Thank you so much for your long waitings again...
    2. Discussion Thread found here.

      I used the old thread, hope that was okay as it is the same doll with updated information.
    3. Oh, dear Kristina, thank you for your help, I failed to find previous thread.
      Thanks a lot~****
    4. Is anyone besides me having trouble getting romantic-breeze.com to load? I keep getting an "IE cannot display the webpage" fault.
    5. Well, the website works great on my Chrome.
      you can try http://Romanticbreeze.com
      no "-" in between.
      Also, I notice, when you click Romantic-Breeze.com the address changed to https://www.romantic-breeze.com:444/

    6. Nice doll! Can she have elf ears? How long does she take to ship? She's an MSD right?