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T4124's Feedback Shindig

Mar 26, 2008

    1. Alright all my buyers and my sellers, post what you really think about me!

      And thanks in advance!

    2. Hey, I'm pleased to be leaving the first feedback!

      I sold a pair of Puki Punch hands to T4124...it's been a great transaction. She paid up promptly, kept in touch and then let me know when they got there.


      Thanks so much

    3. sold puki clench hands to her. paid quickly and had great communication :)
      Hope to work with you again!!!
    4. Bought a lot of beautiful steampunk/jedi things from her (wig, shoes and goggles) that arrived quicly, was safely and beautifully packed and even included some adorable extras.
    5. I commissioned a custom set of Puki Jedi robes. She went above and beyond my requests and tailored the robe to my Puki's character, communicated excellently and worked incredibly fast! She also added in a sweet little crystal ball for him and some extra magnets, and packaged everything beautifully :aheartbea
    6. I got a fabulous Puki kimono from T4124 and have commissioned a few more - that's how much I like T4124's work!
    7. I commissioned 2 sets of Jedi robes, reaper cloaks and bought a cute little kimono for my Puki. All are made exceptionally well and are simply gorgeous - she added in some wonderful little touches that I had not expected and basically went well above all expectations.

      Basically, an excellent seller - fast, got status updates throughout everything and arrived safely. Will definitely buy from again if the puki's demand it. :)
    8. I bought a lovely kimono and some *perfect* toys for my piki - and T4124 packaged them gorgeously in addition to having amazing craftsmanship!

      She worked with me on the specifics, and all around, it was great. I need more stuff for Pikis from her!!
    9. Wonderful to deal with. Great craftmanship. Perfect little kimono. Thank you its been a pleasure :)
    10. Picture of my DD-Anne Riko in her new outfit

    11. I received my incoming Piki's Jedi robes today and I am now super charged for his arrival. I want Fairyland to overnight my package right now, so that I can try these on ASAP. The robes are gorgeous and T4124 has been an absolute joy to work with, from beginning to end. She kept me updated, answered all of my questions promptly, sent me update photos so I would know what she had finished and could make adjustments if any were needed, and gave me plenty of leeway, time, and options to decide exactly what I wanted my Jedi robes to look like (X3). I highly recommend her and I will certainly be ordering from her again.

      Pictures will be updated in the post as soon as my Puki Piki arrives! Thank you so much!
    12. T4124 is a terrific seller! The kimono I ordered is adorable, tiny and perfect. She shipped it very quickly, too.
    13. A wonderful seller. She kept me informed. She let me chose the colors for all pieces. A Wonderful little set, Zelda top, Jedi robe, pants and belt. She even sent a walking staff and a pendant. Thanks again. A great set.

    14. T4124 bought a Puki faceplate from me. Payment was quick and communication was solid=)
    15. T4124 bought a scarface sleeping Pukisha faceplate from me... prompt payment and excellent communication. Thanks much!

    16. I bought one of T4124's puki outfits... and I don't think I can express how wonderful it is. The detailing alone is ridiculous. Each of the pieces is lined, the beading astounding, and the fit is perfect. The quality alone is hard to come across for larger dolls, much less for a puki. The transaction itself was wonderful, with cheerful and easy communication and very prompt shipping. She even sent a few extras (I'm floored by the way!). We're already discussing a commission, and I would HIGHLY reccommend her to anyone who wants their doll to be beautifully dressed!
    17. Here's Kokoro in her gorgeous dress, with both skirts!
    18. I have a wig from T4124 for my puki, excellent communication and the quality is unbeatable. I will be ordering so much more.
    19. I recently commissioned two Legend of Zelda outfits from T4124. Her work is in a word INCREDIBLE. She communicates extremely well and makes sure her customers are happy with her work every step of the way.

      I will definitely be ordering from T4124 in the future!
    20. Bought Princess Mononoke Costume off T4124.
      Her work is so amazing! I love this outfit ^_^. Great communication and a just generally lovely ^_^
      Will be commissioning from her very soon :D can't wait and will probably buy from her again :)
      Highly Recommended :D