Tabi feet for SD other than Volks?

Aug 23, 2020

    1. Hi all, I'm planning to make a yuki onna character from a Peakswoods girl in the future, and thus I'll need feet that can accommodate wearing tabi and geta (Japanese socks and sandals). I know Volks makes tabi feet, but I'm unsure if putting those feet onto the peakswoods body would work properly, or if it's even possible to put feet from a different maker onto a body. I'm just looking for any ideas or help, as I don't think modding the feet to have space for wearing tabi would look right, but I'm open to that idea, especially if someone has done it before! Thank you in advance!
    2. I have both the feet and the PW body, I can take some pictures, if you want.
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    3. I'd appreciate that very much!! Thank you:)
    4. Let me know if you need other pictures or specific pictures, because I'm not a great photographer XD

    5. Thank you so much!!! This is super helpful, thank you for taking the time to take photos for me!! :3nodding: