Tafidolls - Tatyana Filenko BJD

Dec 30, 2018

    1. Hi all....has anyone pre-ordered “Denny” from Tatyana Filenko - just checking where you get clothes/shoes from for a 1/8 size bjd?
    2. 1/8 is Lati Yellow and Pukifee size. Unless that little guy has weird proportions like huge hips, he should be able to fit clothes in their size. Wigs, eyes, and shoe sizes may be different, however, so you may need to see what his measurements are for those from the company.
    3. Thanks for your reply....Lati Yellow / Pukifee sound like a good match! Any recommendations for boy clothes / shoes?
    4. Check taobao! They have amazingly cute doll clothes for tinies. It takes some work to navigate and you need to use a service to be able to get them shipped to some places (I know for the US you do), but it's worth it. You can also check the Marketplace here in the tinies clothing section when you get access to it, and etsy has some great shops. I recommend MommySewingKR, HoneyDolly, YlangGarden, and ttyacom on etsy for 1/8 clothing. 1/8 clothing is going to be mostly girly clothes, but there's plenty of boy clothes out there as well.
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    5. I just received Lily by Tatyana Filenko. She is 23 cm, with an over-sized head and skinny body. I am looking for clothing and wigs for her. Does anyone have any suggestions?