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Tailoring an Limited Edition outfit?

Apr 18, 2012

    1. Story time first: One of my dolls is a Soom Bygg w/unicorn parts, and she has the fullset dress and cape. Very cute. The only thing that bothers me about the outfit is the neck jewelry (scroll down on the Soom page a bit) - it's really tight against her neck and I'm worried that it would eventually damage the sealant or blushing. My plan is to take it off and move it a little farther down on the straps.

      If I ever sold the altered outfit I would tell my buyer that I had done so. No question.

      I know that general wear and tear and mending of unfortunate mishaps can decrease the value of an outfit, but what about tweaking an outfit so that if fits just that little bit better? There is such a huge variety of doll body shapes that an outfit made for one doll won't necessarily fit another.

      Skill in execution is obviously a factor, but...

      Does even a little bit of tailoring destroy the value of an outfit?

      Is there a scale of how much tailoring you can do before it starts to affect the value?

      Would it matter if the tailoring was reversible (e.g. shortening straps or a skirt and leaving the excess fabric)?

      What about adding to an outfit? One of my dolls is rather busty, so she probably couldn't, for example, fit into one of those much-coveted Fers. I'd have to add fabric or maybe grommets and ribbon to make it able to close decently.

      I'm interested in hearing your opinions.
    2. If I planned to ever re-sell a limited outfit and wanted to get full price or more for it, I personally would not do anything to it that isn't easily completely reversible by pulling out a few stitches, which I would do before listing it for sale. If I like a limited outfit and plan to keep it, I have no problem altering it to fit whichever of my dolls I want it to fit. I think any alterations make an outfit less desirable to buyers who want to buy a specific outfit, and most people will not expect to pay full price for a garment that has been changed in some way, even if it is for the better. Many people who want specific limited outfits for a doll are trying to get the look that the fullset doll had and they may have the actual doll that the clothes were made to fit, so if the outfit is tweaked to fit another doll or made to look different from the company photos, it will not be the same as a mint outfit. If it isn't important for you to get the full original payment for this outfit if you should want to sell it later, you might as well enjoy it and make improvements.