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Taking dolls outside...

Jan 7, 2007

    1. Being an owner of Blythes it's pretty easy to take them places - I can carry one or even a few of them at a time, depending what bag I use... and while they're not always inconspicuous if I take photos of them in public, most people don't even notice.

      Given the size of BJDs I was wondering how many of you often take them out in public for photos [whilst you're alone, mostly, and not at a dolly meet, etc.]I'm thinking a BJD is way more noticeable than a Blythe! And how practical do you find it to travel with them? Obviously I still haven't received mine yet so was just thinking about others' experiences. ^^

    2. I only take 1 out at a time when im by myself. Ive gotten some funny looks, but most people really dont care what your dooing, They just either dont notice, or couldnt care less. Ive also taken my dolls on long distance trips ( i dont know if this is what your wondering about??) and i havent had any problems with them. I even took my two girls (sd, sdc) to an opera once, and people didnt give me any greif. IF your dooing allot of shopping, carrying them around to can sort of get in the way, but maybe its because i dont carry mine in bags... just by themselves in my arm. Hope that helped??
    3. I have two SD boys and I don't venture out with them on my own. Usually I'm with my sister (who doesn't have any dolls) or with aernath, Melime, or Sandwich just hanging out.

      I can tell you its weird how many people don't even notice I have a doll with me, much less two of 'em! And when they do notice there are two sets of reactions: ignoring and impressed. :) But hauling around the boys can be such a pain the bag I have can only fit one comfortably...and then I have Quinn to deal with when she gets here. I'm freaking out a little bit because I have no idea how to handle three big dolls at once...I don't know how some folks out there with even more dolls than that handle it. :lol:
    4. When my girl gets here, I plan for us to be attached at the hip. Where I go, she'll go. I mean, she's not that big. When I'm driving, I'll either buckle her in in the passenger seat, or where the center console goes. When I'm not, she'll be in my lap.

      I can't imagine thinking of her as a hassle, but I'm the kind of person that carts, like, 50 lbs. of stuff with me wherever I go, so it's not like it'll be a big difference.
    5. I don't take them out. The farthest they've gone is my back yard :p I'm too shy/self-aware to drive to the mall or a park and take pictures with people walking around.
    6. i take my girl along every time i go to san fransisco- it's almost a tradition for us to go to japantown for a quick photoshoot. XD she's an msd, so she fits in my purse and isn't very cumbersome. she actually doesn't get too much attention when i bring her out- just the occasional compliment~ ;w; it's nice.
    7. I take them with me all the time! I love putting them in shopping carts and letting them pick out their own goodies at the stores. ^__~ Other than that I've taken 'em to the mall, the airport, restaurants.......even to work. Wherever I am there is always at least 1 with me at all times. (Raiden especially loved the theatre)
    8. I take one or two of my crew at a time out for pictures, and make those expeditions pretty often... I'll also take one of them along if I'm visiting the fabric or craft shops, certain restaurants, or the coffee house. (They travel in a courier bag, so half the time no one even knows they're there until I take them out.) I've taken one of them to the movies a few times, too... and Teacup recently made the airplane trip to Birmingham and back as my "carry-on".

      People either ignore them entirely, or stop to admire and ask questions about them... I've never gotten any negative comments.
    9. When I take mine out I usually only take one at a time. Most people either have one of two reactions. They completly ignore the fact that I am carrying a doll, or dont seem to care. Now and then though there are a few people that seem frightened by them. It really no hassel traveling with them, there not that heavy that I need to worry about long outings, and they can comfortably fit in a bag or on my arm. When in the car I usually buckel them into the seat next to me.
    10. I bought both mine to school & one store...I got weird looks at the store but at school they mostly wanted to see "how detailed" they were >_> So i tend not to bring them to school anymore.
    11. I take mine out, but usually just a couple at a time so I can carry them. If I'm going to a con or doll meetup, I break out the rolling suitcase to pack everybody up in.
    12. I love to take the boys out. His Majesty has been to work with me several times and I took Zach to Selfridges department store at Xmas. ^-^ Being able to carry them about and enjoy things with them has been part of bonding with them for me; I have never wanted them to always be hidden in my house. I love people's sneaky reactions to them and so do the boys (I have never had so much as a comment; it seems to be the London way - no one remarks on anything, no matter how unusual. :).

      They also like to go on trains.

      However, I always have a bag with me; though Zach and I have snuggled up under an umbrella, I wouldn't want them to get soaked! :D
    13. very rarely V.V
      unless i got to a park. My camera only really functions well outdoors. So if i go to a park, or if i go to the poconos mountains i def. take my doll then ^^
    14. I think you might be surprised. I occasionally take a doll with me to the fabric store, and it's a real juggling act trying to remove, examine and replace bolts of fabric while holding a doll. It's not that they weigh that much (my SD size are about 4 lbs each), but you have the arms and legs and long hair going every which way. Plus last time I went, Rachel was wearing a cheongsam and I had to keep her butt covered up and decent while I was handling things and shopping. (She was sitting on my arm.) If I'd had a friend with me, I would have taken a cart, but there was no way I would leave her sitting in a cart with no one to keep a hand on her every second.

      Next time I take one of the girls, I'll have her wear jeans or something.

      Linda S.
    15. My girls only come out for dollmeets. Otherwise they stay indoors.
    16. I only ever take out one at a time unless it's for a doll meet; it's more unusual for me to go out without one!
    17. I haven't taken Aedon much of anywhere at home - mostly because my parents give me funny looks just for carrying him around the house - but he did make one trip to Greensboro to meet all my friends. X3 In England I actually took him quite a few places - he went to New College with me once so I could take photos there, and he went with me to Wales and on all the study-abroad program field trips. I also took him out around Oxford one time and to a movie, but that expedition was ill-starred because I was taking pictures of him in a little courtyard by a church, put the camera down for a minute to fuss with his hair, and the camera was stolen right behind my back. ;o; (But at least they didn't try to grab him... and he was probably more expensive than that camera. XD) He's quite easy to take around, though - I just wrap him up in a towel and put him in a bag, throw in a comb, and we're set. In fact, he was my carry-on coming back from England - I spent most of the flight to England worrying that he'd be squashed or something in my luggage, so it was much easier on my mind to have him with me.
    18. Emi' hasn't left my arms since i got her, and she comes and goes EVERYWHERE with me. ^_^ I don't get that many stares because of her..well, not more than usual. I think she'll be with me for a long time more before she stays at home alone for anything.
    19. Well, I would love to take my Shiori out whenever I can but my fiance usually freaks out if I do. Altho, one time, she did get to come with us to the movie theater and shoping afterwards! No one even noticed her!(tho she was mostly covered up at my fiance's request.)

      I also brought her with me to work one day. Everyone either gushed over how pretty she is or just ignored her. Even on the bus, I got a few curious smiles, but nothing weird. Once I get some more clothes made for her I'll take her out more often, regardless of my sweetys weird looks!
    20. I'm sometimes a dork and take er all 5 of them....Depends were I go. Often if its taking a ride with my parents the all go. I love to take them out with me to diffrent places and take pictures.
      Once me and my friends we took all our dolls (14) to the Maui Ocean Center boy was that hard to do. It was fun though I got some great pictures.