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Taking dolls to school or college?

Feb 21, 2005

    1. This has been on my mind for a while now. If you're in college, living in a dorm or other such form of campus housing with a roommate, what do you do with your doll(s)? What my fear is that you might go out to class or something, your roommate lets a few friends in... and your doll (worst case scenario) gets damaged or stolen.

      I don't want to keep Jaede hidden in his box/carrier all the time, nor do I want to leave him at home. But has anyone experienced this situation? Is it just the risk you take with leaving expensive articles in your dorm room?
    2. Oh, this is interesting... I live at home, so Yue's safe... but I'm desperate to hear this too. I might have to move into a dorm when I attend my Master school, so I'm scared too!!! *huggles Yue tight tight*

      Yue: You're.... suffocating... me......
    3. Never really considered that . . . even though my roomate *does* have friends in and out a lot.

      Then again . . . I carry Yuki around with me on campus O_o;; As long as you just sit them down in class the teachers don't seem to mind XD
    4. Er, well. I'm not much help to this, because even though I am in college, my roommate is never here, and is not a socialite anyway.
      If she were, I would either a) take him with me wherever I was going (depending) or b) squirrel him away somewhere and lock the door to the room.
      The odds that the doll would get stolen aren't high unless someone actually knows the doll's monetary value. As long as you don't spread that around, it's much less likely to get stolen. And the damaged thing...Well, it would depend on the temper of the roommate, how well you get along with him/her, how well you get along with the friends, etc.
    5. Well I live in an on campus apartment so i have a single room, but three other apartment mates. I trust them, it never occured to me to worry. Tinuviel just sits on top of my dresser looking pretty. I do close the door to my room, but I don't lock it, so anyone could go in. Honestly I wouldn't worry that much, maybe keep Jaede some place that isn't right in the middle of the room so he won't attract a lot of attention. In my experience my roommates have been very respectful of my stuff though.
    6. I'd wait to see what kind of roommate you have. If you feel like you can trust them with your dolll, then don't worry, if you feel like you can't see if you can swap rooms with someone to be roomies with someone you DO trust.

      The two roommates I did have in college would have loved the BJDs since they were both industrial design majors. I'm married now and I never really worry about it. :/
    7. they stay in my dorm room. my roomates cool wioth them, as is the rest of the hall. we also have lockable doors and an honor code. so they are fine

      however i recommend greatly having your dolls insured for the full cost, so that, god for bid, something happpened, you won't lose your $$ incase soemthign does happen
    8. Just don't tick your roommate off. Or hope that they spend a lot of time with a boy/girlfriend elsewhere.

      I had the kind of roommate who stayed in the room all the time and liked to leave the door open. It was annoying, especially when I would take a nap and she would leave the door open and unlocked ... but I was never raped and nothing was ever stolen.

      So if you wind up with a nice roommate or a roommate who's not around much, maybe you won't need to worry about it. If you have a gripey roommate or someone who wants to have parties in the room all the time with irresponsible college boys (surely you know what I mean) then mayyyybe the doll should be either at home or on your person at all times.

      A lot of "if's" come into play with this situation ...
    9. There are insurance for BJD? O.o;
    10. http://www.collectinsure.com/ <-- There was a topic about that insurance a long while ago. Can't remember when. ^^;

      But thanks so much, everyone! I'm not as worried about it now. Thank you!
    11. Frankly, I think people would be more likely to swipe your CD player or computer before they'd steal your doll.

      I've been living in college dorms for 3 semesters now and my MSD has always been either on my bed or shelf with my stuffed animals. Never once has he been touched or moved without my knowing. People just generally don't seem to care enough about him, or are afraid to touch him. =P

      :daisy Wonton
    12. Leave the doll at home. Seriously. Why risk something of so much value being stolen?

      I live at college but I leave my doll at home where I know it is safe. I'd also feel kinda weird having a doll there, anyway.
    13. My parents got insurance on all my stuff.....>___< I was kinda nervous having Anathema here with my first roommate....we didn't get along, but Anathema creeped her out so she didn't touch Thema.....But I always took her with me if I went away more than to class.....

      My new roommate is totally in love with Thema and loves to show her off almost as much as I do! In fact we're getting a Tender Too and Bee set in May hopefully. We have too see how much we spend at ACen first >___<* I don't worry about leaving Anathema in my apartment too much and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her at home T.T So she lives happily on my dresser in her own makeshift room with her stuff ^__^* It depends on how you get along with yer roommate I suppose and if you think your doll will be ok...but I do suggest insurance just in case.
    14. I don't have a roomate, but had i been into BJDs freshman year, i probably would not have had a doll in my dorm room, simply because my room was easily accessable. Last year, my roomates were anime fans and weren't likely to care too much. My apartment mate this year doesn't care. I wouldnt bring him right off, at the very least. get to know and trust those who have access to your stuff. This isnt quite the same as a computer or something else of high value, mostly because we form attachments to these dolls stronger than with the average cd player. I would wait until you live with people you trust, in a place you feel safe.
    15. I live in apartments rented out by the school (tiny school, they have no dorms or housing of their own ^^; ) and in a single room so I don't think I'm going to worry. (I haven't recieved my doll yet.) My two roomates are very nice and we don't interact much anyway. They do go into my room to borrow movies and such but it's nothing that I have to worry about. (I'm embaressed actually cause my room's always such a mess, ahaha..).

      I'd never be able to leave me doll at home because I attend a year-round college. So I'd have something that I really wanted but could never touch. It'd drive me batty. Plus I have a 8 year old brother at home that likes to touch things.
    16. I don't think I would have kept a doll with me my freshman year of college. My roomie was a lush who broke my phone, broke my stereo, never paid for the fridge/microwave rental, left honey all over my bed, never locked the door, left the door open constantly - even if we weren't there, once when I came home there was a unknown naked guy sleeping in my bed.... An Indian spirit mask that I had worked on forever, leather is finicky, got stolen out of the room as well as some pieces of jewelry and other small plushes, cd player was stolen, cds were stolen. Yeah, I'm not going to make the list any longer. Suffice it to say that I would never have exposed a doll to that environment. Our RA wouldn't let us switch roomies either because she'd already switched 4 other girls around and was tired of our hall being difficult. It was well known through the whole dorm that my roomie and I disliked each other.. IMMENSELY. At the end of the year I erased her hard drive the day before papers were due... Um, the rage built up over the whole year?

      Not that I'm trying to scare off people who are going to be starting college or anything...
    17. When I was at boarding school, Toshi lived in my locker most of the time ^^; He happened to freak out my classmates so I rarely had him out of my room. My roomates liked him, tho, so it wasn't really a problem.
    18. When I was in school, I lived in an off campus apartment. One day, I got home and the door was jacked open---I was terrified! All of my roomate's stuff was gone, their DVD players, CD players...everything...I was so scared my Nono would be gone...but, hahaha, my word of wisdom is:

      Do not worry about burgulars taking your dolls, the common criminal most likely has no idea how much they are worth!

      But if you live in a dorm, I'd totally suggest leaving them in the closet or your underwear drawer when you are gone. Dorms are sketchy!
    19. Lol agreed XD;.
      I used to stay in this housing area and I hated it cause of the crime rate there -_-.
      My room was broken into once (while I was in the bathroom!!!) and my handphone and digital camera were stolen ;__;. Thank goodness my Tender Zen was still sitting on the same spot on my table ^^;. I usually lock my room door whenever I go out but this time I didn't ._.'' .

      Anyway I've already moved out and currently staying alone in a super secure place so I have nothing to worry about XD.
    20. Wow, I didn't know some dorms had so much crime...in my college, people are pretty tame about that stuff. Yes, things do get stolen, and yes, there are sometimes drunk people hanging around breaking things in the public areas, but in general it's relatively safe.

      I think people on my floor aren't even aware I own a bjd- usually he just sits on my desk or bed. I take him with me when I go home for the weekend, though. My roommate is a good friend of mine, so we respect each other's stuff, and she thinks Florizel is cute too. ^_^ Depending on what you're roommate's like, it might be an advantage or disadvantage to tell him/her how much your doll costs (if the topic comes up). 'Cos I know some of my friends become kinda hesitant to touch mine after they find out, so they leave him alone. However, if you end up fighting a lot, your roommate might use that information against you.