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Taking the plunge! (Nervous when ordering your first doll?)

Aug 11, 2010

    1. Well, she isn't ordered yet, though I have joined a group order that will be done later this month! I'm exicted, but also oddly nervous. I guess it is one thing to *know* how much it costs, and another to actually spend the money. lol!

      I've also joined another group order to get a wig and some eyes. So, already my money will start to disappear. I don't have any shoes or clothes yet either, eep!

      Still, I know I'll just be so thrilled once I get my doll. I'll enjoy posing her and trying to make cute clothes for her. And I'll probably end up buying more wigs and eyes to change her look now and then.

      I'm just anxious I guess.. It is a lot of money for a "toy", but it is worth it. They (ball joint dolls) aren't really a child's plaything. More of an adult collectable or 3D art. Maybe it's because I am spending so much on something I just want rather than need. I usually don't spend so much on things that are not a necessity. Well, not all at once anyway. ;) I'm selling off some of my other collection to make money. I'll end up with just one doll, but I am pretty sure I will enjoy her a lot more than what I have now.


      Have any of you been nervous when ordering? Especially when you got your very first doll? Did it go away quickly? How did you cope with the feelings?

      Just kind of curious. Typing this out has already made me feel a bit better. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is something I do truly want. Yes, it is not cheap, but I still want it and I can afford it. I do think I am just freaked because it is a lot of money all at once. (Rather than my usual $20-$30 here and there.) :doh
    2. I don't think I am nervous but I am super excited and impatient to get the money I need for my doll! :)
    3. I do get nervous, but everyone has something they like to praise themselves with. Some people go out and buy a movie, or a book, or treat themselves to something. I like to save up those little times where I'd buy a movie or something and put it away to the dollie fund, and eventually treat myself with something I REALLY enjoy.

      Plus, besides being my muse (great for drawing), and my little photography helpers, you can't really put a price on good companionship ;p

      But even so, I still get nervous especially right after I buy one, and I"m like "Oh geez, that was a lot of money I just spent..." it usually is all but forgotten as soon as they get here <3
    4. It's pretty normal to be nervous the first time-- looking at pics of the doll is nothing compared to holding it in your hands for the first time. I was nervous right after I hit the buy button, but it turned into excitement as I waited for him to arrive, and then awe when I first pulled him out of the box.
    5. i wasnt nervous at all. i was just super ecxited :)
    6. I hope (and expect) this will be the case for me as well. :)
    7. With my first I wasn't overly nervous at all, I knew I wanted him and ordered him from the local dealer. My third doll though... that's when I actually felt my nerves heighten. I was nervous then..

      He was my first that I would actually have to wait to be shipped to me, deal with customs.. and he was coming from one full pay check (due to extra pay day that month). It was a lot for me to spend and have $0 left in my account, and that's definitely a different experience than with my first two. I bought them with the money I got back from taxes and still had plenty left over and it was all 'extra' money so it wasn't so hard to spend it compared to what I actually worked for and having no money for two week. (I was well equipped with everything I actually needed so I wasn't going wanting and such.) I wasn't so nervous as getting the doll.. just spending that money.

      But there's nothing like getting the doll though.. it's exciting.. even after the anxious wait times.
    8. I'll be the first to admit, I am totally nervous. But that's partially that right( about 2 days) after I bought him I found out that my Fin aid for school isn't going to cover everything and (even if I hadn't bought him) I wont be able to afford books and the rest of my tuition if I don't get a second job. Which sucks. I was supposed to be covered this year, but it didn't work out as I planned. Now I'm nervous because of the money I've spent might not have been a good idea, because of what happened with my funds. ><
      I still love him though.
    9. I was nervous ordering Benny, but it was more a "did I do this right?" type of nerves. It was my first time buying outside the United States and the first time to use paypal. Now my nerves are just for hoping that the resin looks alright and that I don't have to deal with customs. :-/ Mostly though I'm just excited and my mom asks me when she'll get here, hehe.
    10. When I ordered my first girl, I was nervous, but that was only because I'd never bought anything through internet before, and I was nervous I'd so something wrong and mess up my payment for her. But it all went smoothly and I couldn't be happier about my decision. :)
    11. I was very nervous when I placed my first order this month. I won't see my doll until October at the earliest, so that added to the nerves. I do find myself constantly checking and re-checking the companies I ordered from, but I don't think I'll feel completely safe until I've the doll in my hands.
    12. Ooh, now you say that I am a little nervous that she might not look as good as the pictures. o_o
    13. My nerves only increase every day that I have to wait... ;_; nyeh. But, I'm really excited and happy too~ :D Its a weird feeling, but I have waited for um.... 6 years? I think I can wait a little longer haha~
    14. I still get nervous placing doll orders.
      Though its been a diffrent kind of nervousness for diffrent orders.
      The nerves from the first were more about it being the first, the second was nerves over going direct through the company and a massve outlay (not being able to get the $700 cost on layaway was a bit of a shock to the budget), third was more nerves over them being second hand and being bought from a friend.
    15. Strangely I wasn't nervous before ordering my first doll, but after I'd paid for him I was like "holy crap did I really just spend nearly $700 on a doll?!" I was totally shell-shocked until I actually got him.
    16. I wasn't nervous at all buying my Elfkin, mostly because he only cost one week of pay, lol.
      I was very nervous when ordering my old Kyle Reese since that was a significant jump in value, but afterwards I was super excited! The only nervous part was having to tell my parents when he arrived, aha...
      Ordering my Luo was the worst - it took a couple months to convince my parents to let me have him, and then when they did I had to psyche myself up for clicking the order button because I was paying for him all at once! It was a bit scary to see almost a grand disappear from my Paypal, but afterwards it was all excitement.

      Basically my nervousness for ordering dolls increases depending on the monetary value, not necessarily if it's my first or not. After the initial AAAHHHH MONEY GONE FROM BANK/PAYPAL feeling, it soon changes to YAY DOLL ON THE WAY WHERE'S MY DOLL WHERE IS IT DOLL DOLL DOLL :drool

      In short, you'll be fine!
    17. First doll, I was just really excited because he was a Christmas gift, and my first doll, of course ^_^ But I was also a bit nervous because I'd never handled a doll or even seen one in real life before, but that was mostly drowned out by the excitement.
      Second doll, a little nervous because I used my own money, but less so because it was all birthday money that I got in a big chunk.
      Third and fourth dolls; much more nervous! First dolls/bits (one was just a head) that I bought with, not only my own money, but also completely on my own. The last two I had to go through my dad because I didn't have a paypal or my own bank account or anything (*is young*). Still unbelievably excited! Still waiting for one of them, though, but I'm so incredibly excited, it's great :)
    18. Have any of you been nervous when ordering?
      Only from companies, not from individuals. That's just because I worry I won't order something I'll need later.

      Especially when you got your very first doll?
      Not at all. I bought my doll secondhand, so I had communication with the previous owner the entire sale.

      How did you cope with the feelings?
      If I wasn't sure at what point the sale was at, I just messaged the owner.:) Buying secondhand really takes the pressure off the whole process if you deal with the right people.
    19. I was really nervous, because I got my through a preorder on DDE, so it took 8 weeks to arrive. I'd actually kind of forgotten by then, I'd been really busy. But one day I was thinking about how long it'd been and I got really worried that it was a scam. It was all okay though, because it came a couple of days later and DDE is a very reliable company. I do freak out that my dolls will get lost in the mail though!
    20. When I ordered my first doll (who just arrived yesterday), I was super excited. Then when I got the notice that she had been shipped I became really nervous. I have heard stories about people who just can't bond with their doll and, especially after I had pegged AS-Leira as my dream doll, I was afraid that I would get her and suddenly fall out of love with her.

      However, my fears were unfounded and I fell in love with her as soon as I opened the box. She is an amazing first doll.