talking to your BJD

Sep 26, 2014

    1. When I am sewing for my dolls
      I start to talk to them.
      When I fit the clothes to my dolls
      I say them wow, this is pretty or something like that
      Question???? Are you talking to your dolls?????
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    2. I haven't talked to them but I really like to call their name. :) And somehow when I'm sad, I like to cry and tell how I feel near them. It helps me out a lot because it makes me feel like I'm not alone in my apartment and someone is listening to my problem.
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    3. I do! I think my most common phrase is "Justin, clean your *%&# room!" Of course, I know he can't, and it's my fault, but he has more clothes than the others and in a rush to find the right outfit, the rest tend to end up all over his bed and floor. Typical 16 y/o, I guess! haha
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    4. Sometimes I'll just say littlesnippets when I'm working on my dolls or just in the same room as them, it makes me feel like I'm bonding with them and getting just a little closer to them :)
    5. I don't talk to them all the time. I don't confide in them. I confide in my online friends or sometimes my IRL ones. But I talk to dolls when I'm making them things and playing with them.
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    6. No :) I like to think about them as living creatures, and to imagine they are talking among themselves, and this talking goes through my mind, but I never talk myself to them - I am like an invisible entity not interfering with their conversations :D
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    7. I'm usually home alone or in a different floor than my mom, and my girl is usually with me. I think I talk to her as a substitute for talking to myself, but it makes her seem like a real person. I think I bond more with her (and my floating head) because of this.
    8. I get that. I'm pretty much confined to my house because of my schoolwork, so my dolls tend to keep me company when I can't go out with my friends.
    9. I do talk to my favourite doll a lot..mainly when no one else is around though haha
    10. I talk to them a lot. I might shell my imaginary friends from when I was a kid into some dolls. I feel like my dolls now are new imaginary friends.
    11. I talk to various inanimate objects(plus my dog) all the time(it fills the silence and then I don't quite feel like I'm talking to myself, because sometimes I answer back and I've heard that's not so good), the dolls just happen to have become the majority since they've taken over my room XD
      But I do like to greet them specifically every time I come home, either by saying their name and how cute they are or by patting/petting each one on the head(depending on how soft and fluffy their hair is). The dolls are my consistency, no matter how many times I move or go down to visit my parents or other things change, so long as I have a doll there that place is considered 'home'(specifically my home, anyplace my family lives is also home, but since I don't live with them and I've never lived anywhere longer than 3 years tops I need something to define /my/ home).
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    12. I talk to my dolls all the time xD;;; Seriously, there's nothing wrong with that. I don't really chat with them or pretend they talk back, of course, but otherwise I see no harm from venting to them or casually chatting them up when I'm changing their clothes, fixing their wigs or sewing them things. I will on occasion even tell them goodnight and good morning even if not out loud xP
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    13. I sometimes have conversations with mine entirely in my head. So they sometimes talk back. They say things like "I'm not wearing that" "Why haven't you bought me a wig yet?" and "Finish my house, human!";) Of course there's also me talking to them aloud, telling them to stay standing, stop falling over, or that they look particularly cute. Honestly, some Kelly clothes were designed for my Puki, since they never looked right on them, but suit her perfectly.
    14. I always greet my dolls and talk to them when I dress them up in new clothes or take their photos haha
      To me they are real ^^ ?
      We live together and spend most time together so they listen to me most of the time
    15. I definitely think I will end up talking to my dolls XD I don't own my baby yet but already I coo at his pictures from the company, and think about how much time he is gonna have to deal with me obsessing over him haha
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    16. I talk to mine, but then, I talk to my plants, my clothes, my food...
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    17. I think it's kind of a natural thing to do, especially when doing something like sewing for them. :)
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    18. Definitely! The most common thing I say is:

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    19. I'm always mindlessly talking to or at my dolls wether it's "why won't you stand!" or "Why are you so pretty."
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    20. I most often talk to my doll when I'm trying to dress or pose him. It helps me figure out his personality.