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TALL Minis: What do you think? And would you want one?

Jul 27, 2008

    1. Recently, there's been a bit of an explosion in the area of super tall 1:3 scale dolls (hold on, I'll get to the minis!). For years, Hound was pretty much it if you wanted a really tall 1:3 doll. But now, there's a decent variety of really tall 1:3 dolls, as well as a good variety in between short and tall. This makes me happy, 'cause now I can make a doll of my six foot tall character (70cm) that actually is to scale with my smidge-over-five-feet character (60cm).

      I had originally wanted to make this short/tall pair as minis, but sadly, I found that such height variation in 1:4 scale was somewhat lacking on the tall end. To have a 42cm mini as a five-foot character, you'd need a mini about 50cm tall to be six feet, scale-wise. There are a few taller minis -- such as AoD, DZ, and Lati Blue -- but no TALL ones (that are well-known, anyway!).

      I am aware of the existance of smaller child dolls (tinies), but these tend to be too immature looking or too short to be anything but younger kids to mini size dolls. And IMHO even shorter 1:3 scale dolls don't work as "tall minis"; the scale just looks off.

      So, for curiosity's sake . . .
      What do you think of the idea of really tall minis (1:4 scale), say, in the 48-50cm range? Do you think there is a market for them, like there is for really tall 1:3 scale dolls such as the 70cm ones?

      I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on this. :)

      p.s. this is not meant to be a "debate" topic, just people's opinions for fun. :daisy And the 1:3 dolls were just used as an example, not as the main topic, so I sure hope this is the right forum! I did a search but didn't find a similar topic, apologies if I am in error for posting. ^^;
    2. I think this would be a really good idea! I think that there would be a decent market for them too. We've got the whole spectrum from 10cm (Puki, Lati) to 80cm (Sabik), but none in between the MSD and SD size.

      I actually want to sculpt a doll that size someday. Cause Edward Elric would totally be that size. ;)
    3. My dz hid is the tallest dz msd.
      I love his height!
      I think he's 45.5 cm.
      But I'm not sure.
    4. Oh god yes! (trying to resist the urge to have multiple explanationpoints) I've been thinking of this... I'm getting an IH mini who's 43cm, and eventually I'll want to get her a bf... but I'm one of those people who want boys to be taller than girls so I've spent lots of time thinking about scale. Now my girl is no way taller than 160 so if i want a boy to be 180 he'd have to be 48-ish cms (48.375 to be exact). Now if DarkNeko is right abt dz hid's height then he'd barely be 170 in comparasin to my girl, and that is short. I think that among the people who have msd's there's definitly a market for tall dolls, especially tall boys I would guess.
    5. Oh, yes XDD Both boys and girls, please. We definitely need more height variation.
    6. I want a taller boy so badly, I've got a DZ girl and I really want a boyfriend for her so badly.
    7. I was actually just recently thinking that I'd love to have one or two of my taller (and somewhat anthro) characters as dolls to scale with my current set of minis, but there aren't any that would be scaled to the existing ones. So I'd personally love the idea (even if I did have to severely mod the head...)!
    8. I would be all for taller minis as long as they are slim/mature minis. In particular, I would like sculpts that are similar to the Iplehouse or Soom boys but in mini size.
    9. I'm in love with the idea myself, and would love to this happen, but I don't know if there's any inclination for it. I've been loosely planning to sculpt my own tall minis sometime, I've got a couple of characters I would love that size.
    10. Hmmm...Well, the only dolls I've gotten to play with so far belong to others, and in doing so I figured out that the 60+cm dolls are just too big for me, personally...but to have a tall character in doll form I think that up to 50cm would actually be nice against the 40-45cm range ones...and putting in those very few 'in between' heights would make things even NICER for those who make their dolls into characters they already have established, and as such need the height differences to make them really accurate. I'd have to say that I'd likely want to get 1-2 48-50cm tall minis to make the RP characters of a friend (though one would go through a LOT of modding, as the character is partially anthro) to go with my (future) doll for that particular RP.
    11. Thanks for replying, guys! :D

      Aahh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks about relaive scale when buying dolls. XD Personally, I'd also love to see taller minis -- I love 1:3 scale dolls but it'd be awesome to have more choices for character heights for minis. ^^
    12. I would love it if a company came out with taller minis, both boys and girls!
      I have multiple characters who are supposed to be about 12-14, and right now I have the choice of making them as big as the adults or as small as the children--not an in-between size, which would be more appropriate to their character. For example, I have one character who is supposed to look like a 13-14 year old boy...DZ Mo was the perfect face sculpt for him, so...he's a mini. However, I have another 14 year old character who is going to be a Glorydoll Louis. XD I could probably find a larger head sculpt that would work for the first character, but he's supposed to be rather thin and lanky and bony, and all the existing 'short' SD sized bodies are rather...soft. XDDD If there were more in-between sized choices it would be great!
    13. oh yes, completely!
    14. Oh man. *_* If they had a Hound-style mini (tall, super lanky) I would LOVE it. It would be PERFECT for a doll I want to make, that I haven't been able to so far because all of the bodies are too, well... Healthy looking. And short.
    15. I hope ABJD makers read these threads. I would ADORE taller, more mature Mini's, about 48-50 cm. Especially boys. There are many 60-80 cm boys that look very masculine, whereas most mini boys look as if they are children. Sure there are a couple like latiblue, but there just isn't the same kind of range that there is for the 1/3 scale. It's not fair.

      I love the mini size, and wish there was more selection.
    16. I'd love that, just to get more variation in height :) However, I consider 48cm to be 1/4 and 50cm to be 1/3 :P I don't know why, it's just this thing in my head XD I'd love an MSD/SD in that size, but I doubt Volks is going to make it, so I'll stick to the Artist Subforum and watch out :lol:
    17. For me it's only about whether I like a particular sculpt, ultimately I don't care what size it is!

      Of course it can be a pain in the neck dressing 'off-size' dolls...

    18. I'd love to have taller minis. I've got a wide range of dolls at home, but there's sort of a gap between "tall" and "regular", and "regular" and "mini". There are a couple of dolls my girlfriend and I are eying for boyfriends/girlfriends for our respective dolls that would bridge the "tall" and "regular" gap pretty well -- DOD height -- but that mini and regular gap isn't reached and isn't really likely to be.

      Still, that works in the universe I've set up, where the minis are the ones with fae blood, and the bigger dolls are the humans. So it's okay for now. But it'd still be nice to have options.
    19. Well, Souldoll's Hye is 55cms, which to me feels too petite to be truly SD and too tall to be truly MSD!
    20. I would love a tall mini girl for my Obitsu Haruka... It's kind of a funny head, slightly small for SD-size and slightly big for MSD-size. Plus she's supposed to be tall but in-scale with Babel, who is a Mini Fée. Perhaps the Souldoll girl body will work?