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Tall Minis?

Apr 26, 2008

    1. Okay, so I've seen so far Minis up to 47 cm. Bigger than most, but one of the dolls I want I want to be even BIGGER. Like 50 or more, if possible. Problem? He's a MALE DOLL. The only dolls I've seen slightly over 50 cm have been female sculpts.

      1) What companies make the bigger minis? (In general. I know AoD's minis are rather large...)

      2) what would you suggest for my situation?

      I'd be fine with a 47 (which is what I'm looking at right now), but I want to see if there's anything else out there, since he's supposed to be a good 5 years older than my 45 cm girl, but 3 or so years younger than my 57 cm.
    2. I have a two LatiBlue males-- Rucas, and Mystic Kahn. I think they are at least 47cm.

      Here is a pic with my Unoa and Kahn--


      Rucas and MNF Shushu

      Hope this helps!
    3. Dang, chopsart beat me to it x3 But I definately agree, Lati Blue boy bodies are rather on the taller side, and there are two different body types to choose from as well.

      Also, not quite as tall, but I'm pretty sure Dollzone boy bodies are a bit taller than other minis as well.

    4. InkyBear-- Yes. you are right. I had a DZ and they are tall but not as tall at the Lati Blues.
    5. Here is a pic of the Lati Blue body on the left and the Dollzone the right. (The DZ body has a Latiblue Rucas head on it.) BTW the Lati head fits on the DZ body beautifully!

    6. I did not know that Lati Blue boys were that tall! :o I've been looking for a taller mini boy body as well...quick question: If the Lati head fits on the DZ body well, do you think that would mean a DZ head would fit on the Lati body well, too?
    7. The mini Dollzone boys are 45cm I believe. Angel of Dream's minis are 46cm. The only ones I know taller are the Obitsu ones mentioned by Carolyn and of course the already mentioned Lati Blue.

    8. It takes a picture like this to see just how beefy the Lati muscular body really is. I was admiring my Thorben's muscular arms today as I was trying to stuff them into his shirt :doh

      Also, it's really good to see a comparison of Lati and Dollzone boys...I have a DZ boy coming soon and I can see now that the pants I bought for him are going to be too long. I will definitely have to hem them.

      I measured my Lati, in his thick-soled boots, and he stands at 51cm. But, 4cm of that is boot. He's still a big boy.
    9. ooh, nice! Thanks! But Angel of Dream's 1/4 are also 47 cm... So I guess they're comparable in size?

      Since I'd be getting an AoD 1/4 head, I guess I might as well just get the whole thing. But thank you all, in any case! =D This was very enlightening! (it seems somehow sad that they don't have dolls between 50 and 55 cm. ...Well, not male dolls. And I've only seen one female mold.)
    10. There are also Nobility dolls (you can check them out on Luts' page) I remember they were supposed to be halfway in between Mini-sized and Larger-sized dolls.
    11. The only Nobility boy who has the smaller body is Lie (either normal or dreaming head). He is 57cm, but much skinnier than a normal 60cm boy...so proportions-wise looks more like a really tall mini than a short "SD-sized" doll.
      Searching for "Nobility Lie" will bring up a few threads with pictures.
    12. I believe that over 49cm is no longer a mini, officially. So you want a very short SD.
    13. Oh, thanks! I didn't know the criteria... it's a very grey area, the 10 cm between the tallest (that I've seen) of minis and the shortest (that I've seen) of mediums. (47-57)