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Taller Male MSD

Aug 7, 2009

    1. Sorry if this is the wrong place x___x I figured it'd be okay here.

      Okay.. So I'm looking for a taller MSD male body. :\ I'm wanting to make a Honda Tohru and Hatori Sohma couple. They're from the anime Fruits Basket and Hatori is a few years Tohru's senior and thus she only comes to about his shoulder.

      I know if I went bigger I could probably get the height difference easier but I find that I'm a lot happier with MSD sizes.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I haven't started looking to deeply into individual sculpts yet so I'm open to hybrids etc. ^^;
    2. There was a similar thread recently... it seems Lati blues are very tall, and the boy I just bought is very tall, but looks very different from other dolls, so you may not like him. He's a Iplehouse JID at 46cm. Against a, say, minifee girl at 41cm, he'd be 2 inches taller.

      Late blue with Unoa dolls

      I can't find his hight written anywhere?
    3. x__x sorry I must have missed it.

      Thanks though :O I'll look into both of those.
    4. Angel of Dream mini males are very mature and also stand at 46cm
    5. I think most of the girls are smaller than most of the boys, actually. I'd suggest taking a look at the photo requests area. I think Lati is probably tallest, but there are others such as Dollzone who are on the taller end, too.
    6. Thanks everyone. :3 I'm going to go dig around some more. Lati looks like the body would be perfect but their heads seem small compared to other dolls xox So I don't know maybe I could do a hybrid.
    7. You could do a hybrid. If you like the Lati heads, though, maybe look at some photo comparisons? Because I have a Lati head (on a DOC body though, so he's short!) and I was worried about his head looking too small next to my other ones (Minifee, Dolkot and Dollzone), and it's not even really noticeable.
    8. I've been digging through photos and such all day haha. Thats good to know though. :D I don't think the Lati sculpts are really what I'm looking for but I know I'm def getting the body haha

      Edit: DIM's Ace is definatly going to be Hatori. :) Height is 47.5cm so he's actually taller than Lati blue... plus then I don't have to hybrid. XD Thanks for your input everyone! :D
    9. Well then maybe the DOC dolls have a good sculpt to put on Lati... if AmyAngel got a good match :D
    10. It's an OLD DoC body, and it came to me that way - so the resin match is perfect but it might not work for a new DoC body! I don't know how old any of the parts are (I'm at least the 3rd or 4th owner of the head), but I suspect the hands may be newer - they are pinker than the rest of the body and the head! Just slightly, but there is a difference.

      Lenorific - DIM Ace is gorgeous! He's on my wishlist...