Tan/African American/Black BJDs - Discussion!

Dec 14, 2007

    1. What other dolls besides IpleHouse offer Tanned or AA dolls?
      thanks again...

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    2. The only other girls I know of are Elfdoll Ruru (only available in the secondary market now), Volks Ruby (not sure if she is still available), and Dollmore model Mellow Cole. All of these dolls are really beautiful; I wish I had all of them myself! (lol) There are lots of other tan dolls, but they don't have specifically African features; they are just the company's regular dolls produced in tan resin. Here are some tan dolls:

    3. Dollmore has an AA model girl. There are a lot of Tan dolls. Some times their limiteds but they also can be basic dolls. Dollmore and Iplehouse are the only ones that make AA's at the present though.

    4. Thanks! I think after looking at all the pretty girls, my heart still loves Cocori! So off I go to order!!
    5. Good choice. I love her and wish I had more cash. *sighs*
    6. In terms of just the darker colours of resin linakauno already mentioned Volks -- aside from Ruby, they also have dolls available in a lightly tanned Sunlight resin, and CP/Luts have also sold really lovely Tanned versions of their regular 60cm line as well :)
    7. Supia's tan color is actually quite lovely, it's like a paper bag or coffee with cream color. Here is my Rosy :

      Her features however are very Asian IMO.
    8. You won't be sorry with Cocori. She is a real beauty!

    9. HS! Aaron is so amazing and real looking! I have to say though I love Mellow Cole. I would love to make her into a groovy 60s or 70s gal, like a Pam Grier type. However she would need a natural, I wouldn't want her to have relaxed hair.
    10. soleil Moon,

      Your picture is awesome, I love all of them...I believe if God is willing the next doll I order will be an Aaron...He is sooo dreamy!
    11. This is not a great photo (the room was very dark), but there was a small gathering of dolls of color at a table at the Austin doll con last summer:


      On the back row is Elfdoll Ruru and two Aarons, on the front from the left is a light Cocori (mine), a dark Cocori, and a Mellow Cole. Gorgeous dolls, all of them.
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    12. Wow we had a great time in Austin. Cocori, Aaron, Ruru and Mellow Cole
    13. Great picture. I would really love to see a Mellow Cole without frosty makeup!

    14. I second that! As much as I love frosty, I keep thinking about her in other looks.
    15. Mellow is at the top of my wish list, but without a faceup. She is a fabulous doll....I think I will be able to buy her by early spring.
    16. Lucky you! I would love to get her as well, she is definately on the list.
    17. all dolkot 60cm girls (and boys) come in tanned skin now as well. And the dollzone dolls.
    18. so is ruru not offered any longer by elfdoll? She is really pretty...
    19. Ruru was a limited doll that was not released as a standard. I think she's beautiful; maybe Elfdoll will release her again someday in another limited edition. They did that with some of their original tinies.
    20. AOD now has tan dolls and Bobobie has tan. Bobobie discontinued their really dark skin, but the tan they have now still looks considerably darker than normal skin.

      Mellow Cole does have a very pretty, expressive face.