Tan Delf Chiwoo release!

Jun 29, 2006

    1. Wow! I'm not much of a Chiwoo person but this older looking tan version is quite handsome. ^.^
    2. D: D: D: D: Mineeeeeee nooo bridgettt??? warghs;ldfjsj *gurgles*

      Okay. I decided. That will be Big!Sen. :XXXX
    3. Ohmygawd!
      Good thing I don't have any money!!!

    4. Flippin Wow!!!! He's so awsome!!!!! *wants*
    5. Oh snap. Even if he looks like an eagle barfed on him he tempts me so. Get him Ryuichi!
    6. Holly cow he looks amazing! *___*
    7. *cries and hugs self*
    8. *___* he is gorgeous~!!!! I love Chiwoo!
    9. I normally don't like tan dolls but he's gorgeous! *__*
    10. Ohmygod!!He's cute!!Ive never been much for Chiwoo but I like him!Too bad I know he'll be so much darker than that in real life....darn..I wish CP's tans looked exactly like that in reality.
    11. I love him ^__^ but I always love Chiwoo, so I'm biased XD He looks more mature than the normal Chiwoo ^_^
    12. I wish the eLuts tans were that mocha color IRL. He's so darn pretty.
    13. I thought Luts couldn't produce the tans during the summer time? x_x

      Either way, if he were that colour in real life, I'd be tempted to snag one. XD I don't normally like Chiwoo, but that pic makes him look very handsome.
    14. From what I understand, they said they couldn't because of the weather, since it's monsoon season in Korea.. but the weather hasn't been that bad, IE - no rain yet, so they must be pumping out the dolls while they still can.
    15. He's really cute! O_O Can't wait for more pics, hes does seem to look more mature than the normal Chiwoo's.
    16. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!
      i buy!!! ^_^_^_^_^__^
    17. Oh no ... @[email protected] I don't normally lust for Luts dolls, but holy cow he's amazing!!
    18. Mmmm. I hope lots of people snap him up ^ ^

      Hey, was Black Chiwoo actually a different skintone?
    19. *shakes fist at CP* Curses.

      ....aaand he's now priced and in stock. Go get him. XD