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Tan DoT are not worth their price

Jan 19, 2006

    1. A friend of mine received her Black Shall (not the Collection one) and noticed several important flaws of her. I helped her sending an email to DOD and I think it's normal to look for explanations for something not worth the $680 you paid, and we were very surprised by the answer of DOD. Surprised and extremely disappointed by their attitude and more generally the very bad way they handled their tanned DOT thinking "normal" flaws wouldn't be worth a description in their promo pages. They also pretend it is not their fault but I ask you, whose fault is it if not theirs?!!!

      I'm sorry if you have ordered a Black Shall. I really hope she won't disappoint you but I honestly wouldn't recommand buying their tanned dolls...

      Our original email:

      And their less-than-appreciated answer.

      As a reference, here is the oh-so perfect amateur lips of Shall...


      I'm sorry if this subject doesn't belong to this category. But I know that at least someone else was disappointed enough to resell her Shall and I think it's worth the reading...

      (OMG, they hired someone able to speak English normally)
    2. I'd be really upset and disappointed with all of those problems, not to mention the dismissive reply. And you're completely right about the lips. I would have expected something of MUCH higher quality on such an incrediably LE doll. So what if its selling for a lot on the market? YOU paid good money for a LE doll that you really wanted and it wasn't up to standard.
    3. I have to agree with you on the lips, but I wouldn't call this a scandal. I am sorry shall didn't meet your expectation but you can always send her off to someone to redo her face up. Or.. You can sell her on ebay. I am sure her price will go for pretty high. Then agian, I am a bit umcomfortalbe that they will have their outfit designer to do the face up. o_O;;

      Also, those mark you speak of are on all of their tan dolls I beleive. Someone correct me if i am wrong.^^;;
    4. honestly, i like her make up. it is a bit amateur, but it's done better than what i am capable of. i think its unique that her make up is done by the designer. it is hard to do make up on a tanned doll, keep that in mind.
      the seams, i understand. the fact that they used to sand the dolls is an extra, and i dont know of many doll companies that do that, so its really not their obligation.
      but i understand your frustration.
    5. that reply is pathetic! when they saw the problems in there test runs they should have cancelled making the tan dolls. sounds like they just wanted to make money and did not care about the customer. that is it for me, i'm getting a narae!
    6. It's not only a question of lips. They will be redone, indeed. But it's the quantity of flaws unmentioned for some - and not the tiniest - as well as the lack of answers, then the lack of understanding and then knowing that they give expensive dolls to beginners make-up artists and think it's normal. To me it's scandalous to bring to the market what happens to be not worth the price.
    7. Well you can't yell at them for the seams because you CAN'T sand them, on ANY tanned doll (DOD or otherwise).
      But I understand it not meeting your expectations.
    8. I think that's right. Treelore's Shall had those marks and someone else with a tanned Shall mentioned similar marks. As for the sanding, I don't think you can sand seams on tanned dolls. Luts' tanned dolls have crazy warnings against sanding on their promo pages.

      Also -- Yeah, why was their designer doing the faceups? They have a regular faceup artist, don't they?
    9. That faceup is bizarre... I didn't think that it would look like that... does DoD have an artist in training maybe?
    10. Yes, they are there. The square marks on the torso and ankles are just a sign of the process. Someone who sold their Black Shall on the Marketplace put up pictures of it.

      I thought it was a pretty respectful answer from DoD personally. They can't remove the parting lines because it will ruin the skin tone (where they sand will be lighter than the rest of the skin), they can't control France's taxes on imported goods, they explained that they left the space so that the headcap wouldn't scratch the head...
      The one thing they really can control is the make-up artist and there's nothing they can do about the make-up now that your doll is out of the factory, and while the lips are disappointing, they're not irreparable.
    11. Actually DOD wrote in the description that there would be parting lines. But they didn't say that it's not sandable. If you don't know and waste your doll?... We know for Luts and other companies so it's not that surprising. But what about plain information for the one paying almost $700? And not mentioning the headcap hole, and such?

      Do you think it's normal to bring explanations AFTER the bought?
    12. I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment in the doll!! I think Shoko is correct though, about the rubbing. In other pics I've seen of the tan dolls, there is a bit of rubbed off color on the ankles and each side of the bust at the seamlines---part of the production process, I believe. And tan dolls usually are not sanded due to the thin layer of tan color covering the lighter tone underneath.
      But aside from those things, the lip painting to me, looks horrendous. Not a good job on that in general and doesn't even come close to the pictures on their site. I can understand that its a disappointment after paying so much for your doll.:sorry


    13. Hmm.. yeah, asking chesca to do the make-up was not right....
      the parting line is really not removed in any tan doll. You can't sand a tan doll, it changes the color.
      Second, customs fees are really not their problem. They really can mark a doll as gift and marking it lower price is ilegal.
      I paid custom fee at my DOD Mir even they marking as gift 'cause custom decided too, I worked another 6 months to pay the fee, but I don't blame them.
      I agree the make-up was wrong, but the parting line was something to be expected on a tan doll and custom fees is something to be expected when you order something from another country. We pay 70% on products with a value highter than 50USD....
      But I agree that the make-up was a big mistake... I know they are on a rush but designing somone else is not the best thing to do.
      I don't think Tanned DoTs are a scandal. Somone said the small flaws are normal when you take the resin out of the mold or something like that, I didn't understand well...
      They made a mistake.... but it is not a scandal.
      It is just my opinion, by the way. Feel free to disagree.

      Sorry if I was rude, I don't mean it

    14. It's not so good that the people from DoD assumed people would know the complications of tanned skin dolls, but really all the issues described about Tan Shall's skin are normal and expected. I personally like the face up she came with (especially the eyebrows) and since there's no extra cost for the face up and the total of the limited is very low as far as limited dolls go, I don't think it's that big of a deal. DoD seemed very courteous in their letter to me.
    15. Actually, my friend did pay for the face-up. She bought a limited black shall, not the dressed one. Thus the make-up was a paying option. Not worth its cost.
    16. By the way, there was a person that sold her shall but not by the flaws, parting lines, etc but 'cause the skin tone wasn't as dark as she wanted. She said that, at least if it is the DOA person you are talking about.
    17. So I misunderstood >.> Good thing if it was only a trouble of skintone for her.
    18. Aside from the faceup issue, would have me extremely pissed off since I would be paying for what I expected to be professional work as advertised like the pictures on the website, I'm curious about the holes you mentioned.

      With the recent issues over quality control and other dollmakers, do you mean she actually has holes in her body where there shouldn't be any?
    19. Those lips are not up to standard for DoT- and it's a shame, becasue it's a lovely doll.

      Did you also say there were 'holes' in parts of her???
    20. Yes ^^'
      I hope you can do a better make-up.
      The parting line and the flaws are normal on tanned dolls ^^' it is part of the making process.
      I think they trusted chesca and made a mistake... sometimes somone is good at making clothes but bad at making face-ups ^^' I think they over trusted her...
      Hm, on good side of news, my friend at Rio de Janeiro recived her Tan Shall and loved her. She said she also has the parting line and the flaws but they are barely noticeable. (my friend that had a Syo said that DOD parting line is very very small compared to the one her doll had...) the make-up is good too.
      We've also seen other happy stories with Tanned Dolls, such as tanned Camines and some tanned shalls too ^^