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May 15, 2018

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      Tan Girls and Open Orders for May

      This May we will be offering open orders for all in-stock dolls and parts. This will be our only open order for a while, so be sure to get what you need now! We have most dolls in most colors available at this time, including Paradise skin for 1.5 girls, Elder Sisters, Elder Brothers, and Chibis! We also have a few limited combinations of Halloween Chibis.

      We do have some more information on the flaws of this batch of tan girls, and we want to make certain that you can accept these flaws before we invoice you. Each of the dolls has marbling on the torso and legs, though we have been assured that the face is relatively free of marbling. Due to these flaws, we will not be adding a surcharge for the tan skin, and the cost will be our usual 45,000 JPY.

      The flaws of the tan Elder Sisters are primarily streaking on the legs/torso, with relatively flaw-free faces. Due to the flaws there will be no surcharge on tan Elder Sisters, which will be 50,000 JPY.

      To order, email [email protected]

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