Tan resin experience?

Jan 6, 2017

    1. What are your experiences with tan dolls?
      Is the face up more challenging?
      How well do they photograph?
      Does the color look too orange or muddy?
      Is it more difficult to find eyes and wigs for them? (color - wise)
      Is it harder to find good resin match?
      Do they look to dark compared to other dolls?

      I like the idea of having a tan skinned doll but I've never seen one in real life so I'm worried I won't like it. Some tan resin colors look too orange on photos and not too good especially with cool toned eyes and wigs. I have my eyes on a tan 5stardoll but they look suuuper orange on their website.
      Tell me your experiences with your tanned dolls. You can post photos of yours! :)

      I hope this is in the right section and also apologize for my bad english. :sweat
    2. No, great, depends on the company/color, no, yes its hard :/, depends.

      Overall - it always depends on the company and the specific color. Iplehouse ebony (a very dark brown) for example DOES look very dark compared to other normal skin colors, while Sooms tawny loks very nice beside NS and even WS. I have two Sooms in their tawny color, and I'd honestly say that its just as hard to find matching clothes/wigs/eyes for them as it is for normal skin dolls, haha.

      As for resin match - that is hard, since each and every company mixes their tan colors differently. Even if you get two dolls in tan form the same company, but some time apart, they can look different. From what I could gather from flickr, 5stardolls tan is abit on the orange side, but it seems to vary...
      Search: 5stardoll tan | Flickr

      The problem with wigs/eye not matching the skin color can also probably be solved with a matching face-up :) Here's a picure of my tawny Soom Wolf, he's wearing some turquoise masterpiece eyes.
      [​IMG]IMG_3878 by Meanae, auf Flickr
    3. @meanae

      Woow, he’s amazing! I love his eyes and the facial tattoo. That was another thing I was wondering, how will a tatto look on tan skin and it’s fabulous.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s really helpful to know from someone more experienced. I think I’ll give it a try and hopefully I’ll be lucky and the tone won’t be too orange. :)
    4. What are your experiences with tan dolls?
      Tan From Company: MSD Riz (Planetdoll Tan), Dollshe Amanda Beauty (Pure Ebony), Dollshe Arsene (Honey Caramel); Impldoll Nicholas (Special Anti-UV Brown)
      Dyed Tan: MSD Riz (normal Rit), LLT Roderich/Granado Female Nuevo (iDye Poly), Dollshe Amanda/Limhwa 60.5cm (iDye Poly), DollIOS Jade/Dollshe 28M (iDye Poly)

      I have experience with dyed dolls (I recommend a disperse dye like iDye Poly, Rit Dyemore, or ProChem PROdisperse; with dyed dolls, you have to worry about unevenness, and the doll cannot be sanded: It will take off the dye). I also have experience with normal resin tan dolls (Planetdoll and Dollshe). These dolls have less unevenness--although it varies by company: mine have none--but they also cannot be sanded (because the sanded part will become discolored). I have not tried to sand my Planetdoll or Impldoll. Dollshe pure skin tans have tab marks from the gates used for their mould system, but I have noticed this less on Impldoll and Planetdoll tan resin. I also have experience with Dollshe Honey Skin--which can be sanded--and looks virtually the same after it has been sanded.

      Is the face up more challenging?

      Only my Planetdoll Riz and DollIOS Jade/Dollshe 28M have been faceupped (the others are being modded), and my Jade has been dyed a very light tan, but I don't think they are more challenging (my Amanda might be, though, because she is a very, very deep brown). I think on very dark dolls, adding highlights becomes more necessary to see faceup details.

      How well do they photograph?

      The only doll I have trouble photographing is my Dollshe Amanda, because she is so dark. My LLT Roderich is dyed in a resist pattern, which I think makes photographing her easier, because she had some lighter parts too. All my other dolls are much lighter tans.

      Does the color look too orange or muddy?

      None of my dolls look muddy--but I thought my Doll Legend 70cm body (pink skin) and my Dollzone 70cm body (yellow skin), looked very pink and yellow, respectively. I have had less issues with my tans.

      Is it more difficult to find eyes and wigs for them? (color - wise)

      I don't think it is particularly hard. Most of my tan dolls (Dollshe Amanda, LLT Roderich, Planetdoll Riz, Impldoll Nicholas, DollIOS Jade) have natural hair colors. LLT Roderich and Planetdoll Riz have some white streaks, which, although natural, are not common in hair. Furthermore, unlike most of my conventionally natural-haired dolls, Impldoll Nicholas will have blond hair. My Dollshe Arsene will have grey ombre hair with dark brown tips. I think the only one that isn't immediately aesthetically pleasing is the grey hair, but I had a specific plan with this tan doll to have that hair.

      Is it harder to find good resin match?

      Resin matching is easier for lighter tans, because they are much more common. I think, in general, it's hard enough that I don't really even try and just dye the entire doll tan instead.

      Do they look to dark compared to other dolls?

      The only dolls that don't look extremely dark are my Impldoll Nicholas and DollIOS Jade. All the other dolls are very tan.
    5. I love tan dolls so hard that I keep painting heads to fit tan bodies lol.

      I find them easier to face-up. My most hated skin tone is a paper white doll I used to have. Smudges appear if you so much as look at her funny lol. I went from having my vampire character be paper white to switching her to a gray color skin.

      I also find them easier to photograph. It's a lot harder for them to look washed out. My camera has terrible white balance.

      I don't think they are more difficult to find eyes and wigs for.

      Finding a good resin match is definitely harder since at the very least the amount of dolls you can get in tan is limited. It's why many of my dolls have tan bodies and painted heads and I have one doll dyed to be tanned.

      How dark they look compared to over dolls probably depends on the tan.

      Luts Realskin Brown is pretty mellow like a really milky tea. Dollzone's old tan (mine is from 2008) is more orangey.
    6. I have very few "normal" skin resins here. I've had no notable issues with marbling, just occasional minor seams for the most part, and only one that arrived with some badly sanded spots, but as far as hybridizing them goes I haven't really tried (swapping Iplehouse heads doesn't count). Dark resins do require more light to photograph well, but that's to be expected. As far as hair and eye color go, it really comes down to the effect you're looking for.
      Ones I have owned:

      Angell Studio - sun-tanned (2015)
      Angel of Dream - tan (2008?)
      Dollshe - honey mango (2016)
      Dollzone - tan (2007?)
      Impldoll - real skin (2014)
      Iplehouse - peach gold, realskin and light brown (french, non, and glow on latter two)
      Limhwa - tan (2013)
      LoongSoul - french tan (2012)
      Luts - light tan (2013?)
      Migidoll - old (Volks sunlight matching) and newest? suntan (end of 2015)
      SOOM - bronze, brown tan
      Souldoll - sandy brown (2014)
      Volks - sunlight
      Withdoll - real (UV) (2016)

      The only two I really disliked were the LoongSoul and Limhwa tans, which were both quite orange. You can see most of my examples in the following thread, except for the Dollzone tan (which was a nice balanced tone), the Limhwa (who didn't stick around long), and the Withdoll real (which is pinker but otherwise very similar to Iplehouse RS).
      Hope that helps some!
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    7. @americanseamstress
      Wow, you have A LOT of experience with tan dolls.
      I was thinking about trying to dye a doll tan. My problem is that the sculpts I like are usually not offered in tan skin. I think I will try dyeing once I have more experience, it seems like fun. :)

      I'm just unsure if I ever want a white resin doll. To me they seem even more difficult than tan ones.
      I've been eyeing Luts brown dolls, the shade seems really lovely. :)

      A lot of tan dolls in your family! :)
      I've seen Limhwa Mono offered in my local marketplace for a good price, unfortunately he was tan and looked straight out of a tanning salon, haha.
    8. What are your experiences with tan dolls?
      I think I've only done faceups on two, but I've had tan dolls from the following companies: soom, limhwa, fairyland, dollshe, migidoll

      Is the face up more challenging?
      Not really? I think natural faceups are easier (blushing comes out beautifully), but colourful eyeshadow might be more of a challenge.

      How well do they photograph?
      nicely. Most tan dolls aren't THAT dark (unless you go for iplehouse ebony, or something similar)

      Does the color look too orange or muddy?
      It depends entirely on the company.

      Limhwa photographs orange, but both dolls looked lovely and not orange in person. I think they were from 2009 and 2014?

      Migidoll looked kind of ashy/sickly. Really didn't like the shade. It was very light tan. I ordered it in early 2010s. I think they changed it a few times.

      Is it more difficult to find eyes and wigs for them? (color - wise)
      Not really. But then again I'm pretty boring and tend to stick to natural dark hair colours.

      Is it harder to find good resin match?

      Yes!! No two company has the same resin colour, and it's most obvious with tan skin!

      Do they look too dark compared to other dolls?
      No they look beautiful:aheartbea
    9. @Sonik

      If you choose to dye, use a disperse dye like Rit Dyemore, ProChem PROdisperse, or iDye Poly. Disperse dyes from the same company can be mixed. Make sure the dyebath is near boiling or it won't work.

      iDye Poly brown has red undertones. I do not know for the others.
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