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Tan SA Bermann Il Milione at anustyle.com

Jul 3, 2007

    1. Just received this, the next Bermann, a Tan skin SA Bermann will be released through email order. Looks like he comes with three sets of clothes. Pictures up at: http://anustyle.com



      As requested, the text of the email from Tensiya:
      Also, I made a discussion thread here.
    2. Would someone please post the full text of the Tensiya e-mail that was sent out? I am on the mail list and I get their e-mails, but for some reason the e-mails come across all garbled. I have gmail and have never had a problem getting/reading anyone else's e-mail but Tensiya's. This one had half of one picture and a few scattered lines of text, including the omission of the e-mail address where you were supposed to send an e-mail if interested. grrrrr.
    3. I edited the first post with the contents of the email. :)
    4. There are 11 dolls. And judging by this picture found on the site, it looks like he comes with all three outfits. I could be wrong, though. :sweat
    5. At the end of the set of pics that's 2nd down in the list on Anustyle, it lists Full Set, and then itemizes all three outfits, which leads me to believe all three are included, as his "wardrobe". :>)

      Here's the shot:

    6. bids? you got to be kidding. just say the price is $2000 each...

      Here is the e-mail

      "Hi, dear~*
      Thank you so much for all your love for Bermann doll.
      SA Bermann dolls are on special edition among all Bermann project.
      We are greatly happy to showing up him for you :D

      Please read belows, and refer for your choice ::::

      [[ Composition / term / Apply / price / payment / etc ]]

      # 1 Doll composition :

      Eveything in the images on the page of Anu Style.com
      'only exception furniture (table and chair)' are not included

      Detail ::

      --------A doll(eyes,faced up) + 2 wig (long and short, black color)
      style 1) one tunic in silk violet + hat + black pants + shoes + necklace + bag(handy trunk)
      style 2) one tunic in brown + scarf + bag + shoes + (black pants are swatching to style one)
      style 3) silky, blue Chipao (chinese style) + a pair of pants(white, silk) + hat + shoes

      and basic Bermann sets. (carrier bag, cusion, certificates,tags, or otherones)

      # 2 Terms of preparing..

      Before accepting your applications, can we ask your fovor, please?
      It takes about 3~6 month for doll's preparing, can you wait for us...?
      We know that it is very long time to wait...
      Please, apply to us only who can wait for a long time for him.......

      # 3 Apply
      We will process doll's releasing only by Email.
      But not by first arrival. You not need to hurry.
      We will accept your email and answer back to you.in 48 ~ 72 hours.

      # 4 Price
      Price of SA Bermann Dolls as tanned skin is not fixed.exactly
      We want to process our releasing by auction style.

      Kindly quote us your possible prices, from 1250.00
      but For avoiding excessive competition, we are fixing the ends of bidding price to "2000.00"

      Totaly, you can bid to your doll from 1250.00 ~ 2000.00$ in 48~72 hours.

      But Please bid it "just one time",
      please answer back to our email only one time, to avoid confusion.

      # 5 Payment

      1) we are recommanding a "Bank Transfer"
      2) you can make a payment by Credit card,but in this case we ask an additional fees, 5.0% for you.

      (Let us make a explain for these additional fee 5.0% // we have to pay 6.50% for
      (1)international credit card,
      (2)3.3% for exchange fee,
      (3)10.0% for VAT fees for (1), and (2).
      totaly, 9.8% + 0.98% = 11.0% <- our additional fees when you make your order by credit card.
      For 11 dolls, these are too heavy amount to us.
      so we want to ask 5.0% fees for you, and we will charge 6.0% fees from our side.)

      3) no Paypal available.. sorry for you.

      4) shipping fee charge ::

      for USA, EU : 88.00 $
      for GB(England) : 80.00 $
      for Austrailia : 70.00 $
      for Asia (China / Taiwan / Hongkong / Singapore) : 40.00 $
      for Japan : 30.00 $

      .........are required too.


      # 6 ETC

      Please make an application belows,
      if you want to get a next SA Tanned Bermann.named Il Milione.


      1) your ID on TensiYa.com

      2) Bid amount for your doll (you can bid just one time, in 72 hours)

      3) Payment method. (Bank transfer / Credit card payment)
      //in the case of Credit payment, additional 5.0% fees will be charged..//

      4) Agreement.

      -1 It takes about 3-6month for preparing doll. Can you wait for him....? (y/n)
      -2 Do you have a plan to sell out him before his arrival? (y/n)


      We are deeply appreciate for all your love again,

      and very humbly,obligingly, graciously, we need to say something for you...

      Higher(hightest) biding does not mean a "winning" exactly.
      Agreement can make an influence for your result so deeply..

      Thank you so much for you again..
      Have a nice day~*

      Sincereley yours