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tan secret dolls

Oct 6, 2006

    1. WOW-- those dolls look so swollen and sickly, and their bodies are completely out of prorportion. Sorry, it's the artist in me. LOL
      ---Tambra from Oregon, USA
    2. XD I love tan dolls, but thankfully I'm not much for the secretdoll sculpt. XD It is rather unique... though in an odd way I do kinda like it. It's so ugly it's cute.

      XD I hope somebody here gets them though. I'd love to see pictures of these funny, weird little babies.
    3. believe me ,
      I had one , they are much nicer in person and are one of the most realistic tinys around , tiny and delicate
      I never think they photograph well
      but I think you either love them or hate them

      I love em LOL :aheartbea
      But I do think they are costly and with my better half out of a job by Christmas ,I cant spend that much on a tiny :(
      I would have one if I could :...(

      my list for who I want to buy next year is getting longer by the day !:doh
    4. I actually like them better with those little tan bodies than when they are sickly-pale. I think the color is far better for that cheeky facial sculpt, for sure. It gives them a lot more life. I do like pale dolls but for these I didn't.
    5. Hmm, not sure I like the tan, I have Yogi and used to have Sen. I must say they take horrible pictures of these dolls. They are actually really cute and realistic. They have a babyish body but its so sweet and the faces are in person adorable. They are thinner then a Kelly doll so maybe the distortion in the camera for something so little.
    6. I love the pictures. Little ones turning to the sun like flowers! Now that's what I call sunbathing. They are really lovely. :chibi
    7. I always loved Secretdolls, they are are so unique, they look like they were sculpted individually, not like they were sculpted to be cast, if that makes any sense at all!
    8. eeew man... tinybear, i admire your taste in tinies so much, but i casnt agree with you this time... these little dolls look like they are about to vomit... and i feel that way too.... yuck... those are really ugly dolls, especially for how expensive bjds are... ; if they were like, $40, i might get one for fun, but... but.. eeew :(
    9. ^^ The fat baby bellies actually look pretty realistic to me. Babies aren't all smooth and contoured, afterall.
    10. i don't find the bodies ugly i find the head scuplts ugly.
    11. Same, I think its pretty realistic, I just don't like their faces too much.:(
    12. I love Secretdolls Yomo and Yoi and have never fell for yogi until now. The tanned yogi looks better than the pale version, plus the pot belly is very cute and realistic as a toddler would in my opinion, but for me they're a bit pricey for the size.
    13. they look as if they are pouting!!!!

      but i love em :D my onli problem is they;r abit on the EXP side...
    14. Gosh, it seems that these dolls may be so ugly they're cute. I find myself drawn to looking at them repeatedly. I can't decide which one I like the best--maybe Sen, maybe Yogi. I prefer the tan babies over the light skinned. Root may require a warming up period--like start with Yogi and move toward Root. I have been debating about a pocket fairy for a long time, but I think maybe these little babes are the ticket. Any opinions from those who have both?

    15. most definatly , they have an artist doll quality about them
      ...they arnt perfect ,there is a sculpted feel about them, they are very real
      that sounds daft ...
      if you ever have the chance to hold one ...you would know what I mean LOL
      I cant help but like them ...I just wish they wernt as expensive
      and with tinys like Wishel , Orrient Doll and Romi etc ...I do think the market will get a little tougher for the more expensive dolls ...if I had the cash ...I would definatly

      Oh for the Lottery Roll over this week
    16. roll over?? when I see my mum i must ask if she still has a lottery subscription (she says it's a tax on working class people but she plays it anyway haha)

      too many dolls I want now...but secretdolls are jsut too expensive...
    17. giggles
      £ well spent if you win

      Miso ,Sist ,Lusis ,Tan classic Narea ,Golden Beige Narin ,tan Secretdoll tiny , Elf Hana Angel , black Wishel Devil and white angel
      Orientdoll Tae and Hong ...
      when they have elf heads type 2 body ,Joong and So girl,
      ehhhmmm Romi , Rumi , I-elf , Narsha boy and girl , Rengemaru ...and and SDYO angel , Adel ,Min ,Jin ....ehhhmmmm , Bambie Cronie ,a tiny Ssin and thats of the top of my head:doh
    18. I have had both Yogi and Sen, they look very alike but Yogi has the more squarish jaw and looks pouty, and Sen has a more pointed chin and looks more mysterious. In photos they look similar but in real life they are very different