ReRelease Tan Unoa Girls Available Again (No Pranks!)

Apr 1, 2017

    1. Ok guys, this is not an April Fool’s joke, UnoAlchemy has more tan girls up for sale!

      This time we’re including 6 optional faceplates in the set beside the 2 Sist/Lusis defaults, plus big breasts and hands. We have 20 sets on a first come first serve basis!

      The price for the set is the same as for the Fresh/Fairy, or ¥45.000. We have reduced the price for tan because this casting batch came with a marbling flaw on the abdomen of every doll. Alchemic Labo is hard at work making underwear as a gift, but if you’re bothered by this type of flaw we’d suggest refraining from buying at this time and waiting for a better batch, although we don't know for certain when more of these girls will be cast.

      We also have the other kits - boys, elders and chibis - available in the regular colors.

      For those of you interested in buying tan girl faceplates, we have them available!

      Check our website at or email us at unoalchemy@gmail to make an order!

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    2. Do the kits come with six faceplates, or do we pick and choose them (for a cost)?
    3. @redfeathers:
      i.e., you get 8 faceplates with that kit in total, and it's already included in the price :)
      Faceplates included are regular Lusis and Sist, winking Lusis and Sist, sleeping Lusis and Sist, and the "O" Lusis and Bully Sist.
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