Preorder Tanja, new Miroxdolls doll

Dec 12, 2020

    1. Preorder for Tanja (natural and tan skintone)
      Period of preorder: 12-31 December plus one extra week
      Waiting time: 2-3 months, longer layaway is possible and discussed individually
      Place for orders: direct message or email [email protected]

      A: nude doll with acrylic eyes = 480 USD
      B: doll with acrylic eyes and faceup = 550 USD
      C: doll with acrylic eyes, faceup and wig (natural mohair) = 580 USD
      You can order the colour of eyes and wig and which faceup (with freckles or no) do you prefer

      Worldwide delivery - 30 USD

      Payment plans (I will send an invoice via PayPal):
      - full payment
      - deposit payment 200 USD (non refundable) and final payment before the sending doll for you

      Please be aware that faceup and wig are handmade so there are always can be differences from the models

      Body basic measurements:
      eyes: 12 mm
      height 13’’ (33 cm)
      head circumference: 7-8 ‘’ (20 cm)
      foot 2’’ (5 cm)

      The body has Paola Reina proportions so clothes and shoes for Paola Reina and Little Darling is suitable

      More information and photos - please see my accounts @miroxdolls on FB and Insta

      2010-07-08 15.52.37.JPG
      2010-06-30 17.42.04.JPG 2010-07-01 16.42.18.JPG
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