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Tanned Bambicrony

Aug 7, 2006

    1. Suntan Kumi is up for sale now:



      Oops, there are no buttons to buy her. I guess she isn't quite ready for release yet. Still no pics up for the tanned Roko and Lotti. It is nice to see the tan Kumi pics are up, though.

      Okay, maybe I was wrong about the above--if you click on the text for "add to cart" after selecting the faceup option, she does go into my cart. I didn't try to go any further than that, as I already have a tan Kumi and don't need another one. Hmmmm.
    2. How do you purchase the clothing in bambicrony's links?

    3. Once at those sites, go to the "How to" section and click on English. It explains their sites. The one site says it does not accept international payment. And they both only make very limited amounts. I think you would need to email them if you wanted to buy something and it wasn't already sold out.

    4. is there a photo of the other tan dolls anywhere?
    5. Tanned Roko Elf is now up and she is darling! Too darling for me to resist. I thought about waiting till Friday to see Lotti, but my Kumi insisted I bring Roko home.
    6. I wonder if Lotti will be a normal girl and NOT an elf, since they have not done her as an elf previously. I was really surprised that tan Roko showed up as an elf version, I was not expecting that at all. I thought they would be normal girl versions.

      As it is now, there is one normal tan girl (Kumi) and two tan elves (Roko & Kumi). So if the tan Lotti is a normal girl, that would make them even--two tan girls and two tan elves. I guess we will see in a few days.
    7. Tanned Elf Kumi is up as well!

      -- Andi :)
    8. I thought Lotti would be up by now.. at least show me a picture even if not ready to sell! :(

      does anyone know anything about the comment about how the box would change to something else on November 20th, obviously delayed?
    9. Maybe Lotti will be up later. I checked today too, hoping to see her. As for the box change, I haven't a clue. I guess my tanned Roko elf should have the new case instead of the box, since she was ordered on the 23rd. We'll see.
    10. Have you seen, there is a tanned Lotti?
      Also Charity is available for purchase...but not tanned.
    11. umm where is the tanned lotti? I still don't see it up yet.