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Tanned Bambicrony

Aug 7, 2006

    1. they looks soo cute! I asked them if they plan on posting pics of them with face-ups and am waiting to hear back!
    2. How cute! Oh, so much temptation!!!
    3. i wonder if its surface tan only or not...
    4. I wonder of Luts will notice soon...I was planning of getting Vin and Gun at the some time as an order to Luts. I hope they figure it out soon, I like the tanned skin. I also wonder if it's only surface or not.

    5. they said they will have the face-up pics up in a couple of days =)

      btw Kit, I ordered my Lotti straight from the company and they are very nice to buy from
    6. she is beautiful :aheartbea
    7. I've been thinking of her since yesterday and am sitting on my hands not to order a tanned Kumi. Stop me! Tell me there will be other Bambicrony heads I like later and that I shouldn't buy every Bambicrony doll that I like or my house will be full of them!

    8. When you get your Gun - I'd love to see photos. (He's the one I'm considering buying and I've yet to see one on the forums.) :)
    9. That's not my philosophy! :) Buy every one you like, they can keep the others company! :) :)
    10. Biscuitbear, can't help you. I ordered a tan Kumi accidentally, late, a couple of nights ago. I want to find a wig like the one in the picture.

      If you need a push....you'll get a free Charity head in white or normal color if you order by August 15th :aangel:
    11. Well thanks girls for all your help! Now I've "accidentally" pushed the order button too! The wig of the tanned Kumi is lovely, hope you can find a similar one.
    12. Wow!

      They're just... winning me over so easily x__x

      I've always been in love with Kumi, but now...

      biscuitbear, you HAVE to post pictures of your girl once you get her! :D
    13. If anyone wants to sell their charity head please let me know
      Im thinking of replacing Frodos head with a Bambi`s:)
    14. tinybear, the Charity head I'm getting is normal skin and unpainted. I'll check with you when I get it. You can probably make me a brown, curly wig like the one in the picture, though I know you're busy now.

      Hooray, someone is getting a tan Kumi also :) Have you been tempted by the tan Lucy from Notdoll? What a sweet face she has and she'd look lovely in a white batiste dress :cake:
    15. yes please ! Sweetie
      and I do have some fur like that ...:)...and more Yummy colours on the way
    16. yes please ! Sweetie
      and I do have some fur like that ...:)...and more Yummy colours on the way
    17. Can't wait to see pics!!! Yay for those who ordered! She looks sooooo cute!
    18. I think I will get them from the BC site. ^_^ I had been looking at Luts to buy Vin and Gun from because I really liked their faceups. But I can always change that. ^_~