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Tanned Goldie Limited Edition

Jun 8, 2009

    1. Dear,

      Hi, this is Peak's Woods.

      We are attending GoGaDoll Convention in San Francisco in June with DollHeart.

      Therefore we prepared the joint limited edition "Vampire Wedding ." with DollHeart according to the theme of this GoGaDoll Convention, "Wedding".

      We are very much honored to have a chance to introduce wake-up Goldies and rerelease Tanned Goldies.

      Please, do not hesitate to meet our girls which have the snow-white purity, Wake up Tanned Goldie and irresistible temptation, Tanned Goldie.

      Thanks a million for your precious time.











      The shoes

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      80 quantities limited in worldwide. 40 Tanned Goldies, 40 Wake up Tanned Goldies.

      Ordering period : From 10pm on June 19th to July 31st (Korea local time).

      But this ordering period could be closed earlier than noticed time.

    2. Will there be a lottery or is it just first come first served?
    3. Will there be a chance for people who don't attend Gogadoll to purchase the girls after the convention, if any are left?

      Also, Wakeup Goldie is lovely! Will she become available in normal/white skin as a regular edition as well?
    4. Taken from the site:

      40 quantities limited in worldwide. 20 Tanned Goldies, 20 Wake up Tanned Goldies.
      Ordering period : From 6pm on July 1st to July 31st (GMT +9:00 - Korea Standard Time).
      But this ordering period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
      But the customers ordering at GoGaDoll Convention will be offered 10% DISCOUNT.
    5. Thanks for all the comments^^ Yes, it will be first come first served. And wake up Goldie will come out as a regular version.
    6. Are the outfits going to be available separately or only available as a full set with the purchase of a Goldie?
      I'm dying to get both outfits.
    7. Do those who attend GoGaDoll have to pay in full for one of these dolls they will be purchasing? Is there layaway option? If the dolls come in sets, what is the breakdown for prices for doll + wig + shoes + outfit, etc? D: I'd like to get the re-release of the tan Goldie but I don't care much for any of the set. XD;; *sweat* I'm hoping to buy her with a friend who is attending GoGaDoll w/ me. >.<;;

      *can't wait for GoGaDoll* :'D
    8. Please, ask DollHeart about the outfits. They are in charge of them.:) I'm sure they will kindly answer to your question. http://www.dollheart.com/ And I'm afraid that this limited edition only comes in sets this time. And I'm afraid again:) that I can't breakdown the whole price like you asked but in case of tanned Goldie, we applied 20% discount due to the former temporary price adjustment on our web site.
    9. I'm a little confused. At GoGaDoll, the whole set will be 10% off, and the price of the set for the doll is already 20% off in the $750? Sorry for the questions. Just a little confused. Also, will Suntan Goldie will not be offered regularly, right? Since the first release was limited and this time it is limited too.
    10. Sorry. I didn't make myself clear. 20% discount means...., I'm only talking about from the doll price which is tanned Goldie. It's a 20% off price compared to the last time we released her since we were offering 20% discount on our web site when we prepared this limited edition with DollHeart.
      As a result, the price for the fullset is $750 through the PW web site and the orderers at the GoGaDoll Convention will be given 10% discount. And like you mentioned, Tanned version dolls are only limited because of the difficulty of producing due to the weather.^^ Thank you for the question.
    11. Thanks for the answer! Also, I don't know if you'll be the rep at GoGaDoll but do you know if you'll be accepting credit, debit, or checks? I won't feel too comfortable carrying that much cash with me. @_@
    12. Wow, those two are soooo lovely! I've always loved the Peaks Woods girls, but never really saw one that spoke to me like these two do. *sigh* shame I have no money. Will wake up Goldie be unlimited when she comes out in normal skin? I really want to buy her.
    13. Oooh, good question Tsuki! I also need to know which payment method. Also, although I know we will just be preordering the dolls at the convention, will there be 2 there as displays? I'd love to see them in person also.
    14. One more question! On the Peakswood webpage for these lovelies, the "Vampire Wedding" says that the outfit will come with shoes. I can't see the picture of the shoes. D: May we see a picture?

      EDIT: Also, is this a pre-order or will we be getting the doll + outfit at the convention?
      @GenGen - Yes, they will be available as NS or WS in the future I believe. She answered that above somewhere. XD;;

      @justkatie - I hope there is some for display. o_o I'd love to see them in person. Last year at Dollectables (GoGa Now), I saw someone with the tan goldie. D: I absolutely died. ;_;' So I hope I don't miss my chance here. >_<
    15. I was also wondering about pics of the shoes...

      Will there be any close-ups of the face? I'd like to take a good look at the face-up of wake up goldie ^^
    16. Wow~Thank you very much for all the enthusiasm.:) Cash or paypal through the laptop for the pay mathod at GoGoDoll would be wonderful. And because of the California pay and taxation rule, all the PW items will be sold by the way of pre-order including Tanned Goldies. That way, we will take orders there and ship them later from Korea.
      We will set two Goldies on the booth for display. So before you make your final decision, you can take a close look as much as you want. I will add the picture of the shoes ASAP.:)
    17. Will you post close-up photos of their faces on the website for those of us not in the US?
    18. I added the photos of the shoes. Enjoy~:) And I will add the close-up pics of their faces asap as well.
    19. Thank you so much for answering our questions! <3 And for the pictures of the shoes. :aheartbea

      Sweet~ I'll be able to use paypal then. :D Will this include paying for EMS shipping later on from Korea too? So what would be the total of say the set + EMS shipping later? And when will they be shipped off from Korea at this "later time"?