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tanned hound

Oct 12, 2005

    1. i hope this is alright to post here... but i was just at tensiya.com... and looking thru the pages came across this


      does this mean that tanned hound won't be standard like previously thought? oh, i had so wanted one.... but i can't afford a special doll...

      i don't mean to sound whiny... i just had been hoping for this beautiful doll... oh well, maybe some one can help me find out more information.
    2. He looks lovely..I wish that tan color was a bit darker though.
      At the bottom of the pictures it says "will be supported in a very very very very small number." So I'm guessing he's going to be limited rather than standard. I'm not sure though

    3. he will be limmited - but he hasnt been released yet ...beautiful isnt he :grin:
    4. Wow.. they're both so lovely ~

      I would love to see owner pictures if anyone did get one ~
    5. OMG ,I saw the old pictures of the Tanned boy ...I LOVE the top one ..he looks so concerned ..I'm smitten :D
    6. Uhoh... smitten is dangerous, hehe
    7. Hahaha the first one's face. I KNEW they would be limited.

    8. LOL , it is ..but H is the only Hound for me
    9. this saddens me...I really hope that they give us advanced warning before he goes on sale...though I probably won't be able to buy one even then :(
    10. You just wanna hug him though... what a sweetheart.
    11. Nooo, I just sold my Hound, don't make me want another one. xDD
    12. What does IM stand for...?

      Edit - ah, it says right there. Impressive. Well, yes, he is -although I think I might have said, Expressive.

      They're both beautiful. *sigh*
    13. Funny, I never considered to get a Hound, but in this tanned version... Hmmm...
    14. It looks like the IM (impatient, maybe?) Hound is a slightly different sculpt! His eyes are closed a little more and his eyebrows are drawn together in worry (the face ups different of course, but it looks like it's in the sculpt to). I wonder it he'll be available in normal skin as well?
    15. I looked closer, and the IM is for Impressive, and I agree, it looks like a completely different sculpt. It would be nice if it was available as an optional head, wouldn't it, and in the different skintones...?
    16. Sheild your eyes Sha! xDDD Resist the pretty.

      He's very good looking though. The blue eyes and dark skin reminds me of a boy in my year. *_*
    17. I lurve that all these doll makers are doing tans, even if they're limited. It means so many more options!

      I've been so tempted with a Hound before, but the tan ones are hard to resist. Well, the one in the top picture looks like his stomach hurts XD (maybe its just me? I'm feeling that way today XD)
    18. omg.. Hound IM is so adorable... hahahahahaha!!! *loves him to pieces* XD
    19. Or, with the way he's touching his chest, heartburn! xD
    20. oh man, I saw him yesterday and wondered why there wasn't a thread for him!

      He's so gorgeous, isn't he... doesn't help that the character I want my hound to embody is supposed to be darker skinned. As usual I have to wonder if the colour is part of the resin or just on the surface... without an airbrush, I don't think I could handle the upkeep!

      The IM one makes me giggle. He totally looks like he's got a tummy ache X3