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Tanned Skin Dolls, or issues with them...

Apr 18, 2007

    1. I did a search for a FAQ on this but did not see one so I decided to go ahead and post a topic here, I hope that this is the right forum to put it in. So anyway, here it is. I was thinking of getting a tanned skin Luts doll some time in the future but I am really very hesitant to do so.

      I’ve heard that you can’t really sand their seams due to the fact that It will discolor them a bit. So I was wondering for those of you who own them and have done this how badly does this discoloration actually show. Also just regarding tanned skinned dolls in general I was wondering if anyone had noticed any other sorts of discoloration or issues regarding the skin itself or how it reacts to things around it. Any information in general about tan skinned dolls or Luts tanned skinned dolls would be very helpful.
    2. I haven't done it, but I have seen it. I saw a girl who sanded her doll's seams, when he was tan. the difference just after a few strokes was obvious. She ended up having to sand the entire doll to get it to look all one color again.
    3. My tan Megi came sanded. They sanded him a little bit all over to make it look uniform, but even if they hadn't, it would still look pretty good. He's a pretty light tan, though. I wouldn't sand CP/Luts tan. It's dark. I'm prety sure they warn you not to do it, too.
    4. In general... I don't remember who's doll it was (I think it was an Iplehouse doll, but I'm not sure) but someone's doll turned slightly green after taking it to an outdoor meetup.

      I don't know if that is a problem for all suntanned dolls, but it's something to keep in mind.
    5. It was a Kiss. It also developed strange pores and no paint would stick to the discoloured surface. I know the thread's somewhere...

      Search "Dollzone" or "Dollzone Controversy"... That's how I originally found it. Awkward way to find it, actually.
    6. Some dolls are only tan on the surface. You CANNOT tan them at all because just under the skin they're white. Other dolls are tanned all the way through and can be sanded. I think CP dolls are a surface tan but don't know for sure. Angel Region, Narin and I believe Iple House are tanned all the way through. Dollshe tanned dolls I THINK are all the way through, but the inner layers of the resin are different colors from the outer so sanding isn't good.

      Some tans rely on unstable pigments that react to the sunlight. CP does react, as I remember, but not obnoxiously. Angel Region doesn't. I have a tanned AR Ren and he's been in sunlight many times with no harm at all. Tanning that goes all the way through the resin seems to be much more stable than tans that are only surface deep. When the pigment reacts, it breaks down and the doll turns green.

      The Kiss doll that reacted so very extremely was apparently limited and the pigment was obnoxiously reactive, even in the briefest of exposures to light.

      I would check with some Tanned Luts owners and see what they say about their dolls. They can check to see if the tan goes all the way through or not on the inside of the body cavity and they'll be able to give you a better idea of how sun-reactive they are. I haven't heard of many problems with CP tanned dolls changing color. Seams are just something that have to be accepted, though. Hope that helps!
    7. Are the seams really noticable on the Luts tanned dolls?
      I really like tanned dark elf soo (who is sadly out of stock, but hopefully will come in stock soon) but I'm pretty concerned about the fact that every tanned luts dolls I have seen have varied in colour. (I'd like a light tanned doll, I adore the Volks sunlight skin, but I can't afford an FCS right now)
      (I am having alot of trouble deciding :D....)
    8. If you have an opportunity to purchase a Volks sunlight skin FCS, you can have Volks do those special services that they offer. This includes removing and/or sanding the seams.

      I was surprised when I ordered Salem, my sunlight boy, and they asked if I wanted those special services done.
      I asked about the seam removal leaving lighter or white lines where the seams had been, but they assured me the color difference is minimal and disappears once the doll is coated.

      They were absolutely right, because Salem looks beautiful! ^_^

      I'd recommend taking advantage of those services with any doll that you purchase from Volks.
      They look and feel so nice, and pose so beautifully...it is well worth the extra cost!
    9. From a tanned Luts owner:
      Yes, Luts warned against sanding the seams on their tanned dolls, so I haven't tried it. The seams are pretty noticeable, and in some places might even look like small cracks, unfortunately. I personally don't mind, but if you think you will it's something to consider.

      Also, the Luts tan skin does react to sunlight, though I personally haven't experienced any extreme reactions (*serious* greenage, huge pores, etc. like what I recall from the Kiss thread). It will turn a little green or lighter.
    10. Angelregion tan doesn't go all the way through, it has a fairly thick layer, but it's not all the way through the resin. I broke my tanned Kai's hand and it weren't the same colour in the middle. >.<

      I don't think dollshe are tanned all the way through either, they say don't sand either. They say they won't take responsibility for any discolouration should sanding happen, in fact all producers of tanned dolls say this (apart from volks sunlight), so seams are just part of having tanned dolls it would seem!
    11. Cerberus Project tan dolls are white underneath, the tan is an extra layer of resin that is very rough and unfinished feeling. The seams are really obvious, especially on the ears for my girl. I would not recommend sanding at all. The seams can be covered with any creative photography and in person they're not a bother to me, and I have a professionally sanded doll to compare it to.

      Another note on tan Delfs, their head caps are really bothersome to put on and take off, or at least my girl's is.

      I can't comment on sunlight since my girl is never taken out near sun and my shades and curtains are always closed in my room.
    12. I have 3 tanned dolls, all from different companies, and here is what I found for each:

      Alchemic Labo - Unoa 2nd - Mocha : Seams are very minimal, but I could probably sand her if I wanted since the tan seems to be all through the resin. I carved/sanded at least an inch out of her headcap to remove the eye mechanism and did not notice a difference in color.

      Narin Creative - 43cm Narae - tanning skin : I don't even notice any seams. I think the tan goes all the way through the resin. I have sanded her face a bit while removing a stubborn bit of face-up paint and didn't notice any difference in color.

      Dream of Doll - Limited DoT Black Shall : DoD warned us not to try and sand these seams. Seams are visible, but not ridiculous, so I don't mind. I think the tan is just surface, though it does go down a little bit...I noticed this because I chipped my girl's foot and don't notice a color difference.
    13. :) Narin/Narae Tanned are made of French Resin the color is all the way thru, which is why I prefer this brand over others like Volks or CP.....etc...the tan ages beautifully not yellow or green.
    14. I have a tanning Lishe. The seams are visible, but I don't mind that very much since they áre dolls.
      Because of the horror-stories I haven't taken her outside, just to make safe. But I have to say that I hardly take any of my dolls outside, so...

      The headcap system is one thing I really love. It cannot fall off, as you have to twist the cap of the head and twisting it is easy.

      But what I like most about the CP Tan is it's colour. It's a very reddish dark colour.

      Though I was very hesistant at first (due to the horror-stories) I finally hád to buy her and I'm very happy I did. She's so very beautiful!
    15. I have two tan boys.

      The first is a Tan Delf Shiwoo. He's a stunning coffee colour, and he's been out in the sun a number of times with no problems. I bought him second hand, and he arrived without any blotching of the tan.

      He does have seams, yes, but I honestly don't even notice them anymore. They're just part of him. If you like the Luts sculpts, go for it. They are so worth it in tan.

      My other tan boy is one of the aforementioned Tanned Kiss dolls. In fact, if you do read that particular thread, my doll (I also bought him second hand) was the doll used to compare with the 'green resin' doll, trying to test to see if all Tan Kiss dolls would change. My doll's headcap was left out in direct sunlight (very hot sun!) for hours, and you can barely tell where he's faded. So no, it's not all Kiss dolls that have the issue. Having said that, I doubt it would be an issue for you anyway, unless you were prepared for a long wait - they were limited to about 50.

      I think if you really want a tan doll, go for it. I haven't really done anything special with either of my boys, and they look the same as when they arrived. :D
    16. I have sanded my Tan Lishe's obnoxiously overwhelming seamlines (she was a little damaged on arrival and had to "repair" her). Certain areas wern't affected badly, with very delicate sanding. White stokes were prominent in the legs. I blushed her body and evened out the discolouration. I was a little apprehensive to do this to my doll, but she needed it. Badly.

      That being said, I would not recommend sanding on surface tanned dolls.
    17. Hmm... I must be one of the lucky ones.

      My Tan DES has fairly faint seam lines. There's one on the back of one of her arms that's fairly deep, but... it's on the back of her arm, and therefore not noticeable. Her legs do have seams, but they don't seem so bad.

      As far as discolouration...haven't noticed any, and she's been in the sunlight plenty. I'm paranoid about it, so I keep checking her headcap against the rest of her, and no, nothing yet.

      Someone else mentioned that the Luts tan resin has a rough unfinished feel to it and this is true. Compared to my two NS girls my Tan DES definitely has texture. But I kinda like it. She's really beautiful and I think you should just go for it ;)
    18. A friend of mine went overseas but left his Tan Lishe in a room with partial sunlight through the day, which made her face go green (the rest of the doll was covered up); this was over several days, possibly 2-3 weeks.

      Volks tan resin is now supposedly tanned right through, meaning tan Volks dolls can be sanded, but I cannot confirm this.

      Dollshe has the same warning about sanding tan dolls as CP does..

      Iplehouse says their dolls are tanned right through, but I seem to remember someone had a tan first ed. Cocori which was chipped or broken in some way to expose the inner, lighter colour.

      Tanned Narin dolls are not very dark in colour, more pink than brown, but they are tanned right through.. it is easier to get an even colour with transparent resin.
    19. Wow, thanks for all of the info. I can&#8217;t say it makes me any less nervous but its definitely better to be prepared rather than find out about stuff after the fact. Sorry if I didn&#8217;t get around to everyone individually.

      Wow, that&#8217;s really kind of scary. That&#8217;s kind of what I was afraid to hear though. I love the look but just for the fact that it is not an all the way through thing &#8230; just&#8230; meh.

      Yeah, just by the pictures I am kind of lead to believe that they are a nice mocha color, though pictures are never the same as in person I guess. I&#8217;m kind of going for a nice darker color I guess, maybe a more exotic look than just a slightly sun kissed look. The reason I&#8217;m looking into it is pretty character specific.

      JaDE_rUst and SheepOnFire:
      Green? O.o I can somehow see yellow or something like that but green is really strange. I&#8217;ll do a search on that here and a bit and check it out, thanks.

      Good idea, I&#8217;ll check around and see who I can talk to if its not answered somewhere. It&#8217;s nice to know that there isn&#8217;t some outstanding issue with them though.

      I could likely live with them, but I was also curious as to how bad they are. You&#8217;ve pretty much spelled it out for me, thanks for that. I don&#8217;t mind if they lighted a bit but turning green is really worrisome, it makes me wonder just what they are using on those dolls and if they shouldn&#8217;t be using something else if it is so reactive.

      Kind of rough and unfinished huh, I guess that brings me to other questions.

      With the luts dolls do you have a problem with the tanned outer layer rubbing onto things like clothing or other dolls when they get too close?

      Also, face-up wise, are there any issues with chemicals used in removing the paint and the skin tone?
      Sorry if these are silly questions, I&#8217;m pretty new to having to actually worry about any of this as I&#8217;ve only recently started collecting.
    20. No nothing like that. Unfinished in that they didn't sand anything, and it's not like it's a flaky or dusty type finish. It's just very rough feeling and the resin looks very matte because of this, I actually prefer this to smooth resin that gets shiny too fast.

      Sorry if this posts twice, DoA doing service maintenance while I try to post :sweat