Tanned skin Unoa? Recast?

Jul 27, 2011

    1. Hi Everyone,
      I've just come across a Tanned skin Unoa lusis on Flickr!!!
      I didn't know they made them, or is it a custom??

      Does anyone know?



      Edit by mod....This is a recast
    2. Must be a custom.
      Do you have a link?
    3. agree, it's probably a custom
    4. Definitely custom, since I'm almost certain a tan version was never released, and the only other tan Unoa I can think of (Mocha?) had a completely different skintone. It's well done, though -- perhaps the best I've seen. I'd like to know how the customizer did that.
    5. This is not a custom Unoa.
      This doll is buyed from Taobao, she´s not a original is a recast ^^U
    6. I was worried that it might be a recast, the color looked far too consistent for me to think it was a dye job or an airbrush (especially considering the slight flashing around the mouth, which would normally have been taken care of prior to these procedures).

      What a shame. :/
    7. Really? That -is- a shame. I hadn't even considered the possibility of recasts. :(
    8. This is a recast by Taobao. I am locking the thread.